Gun prohibition lobby continues campaign of canards v. Trump

Firearms journalists attending the 2017 SHOT Show watched Friday morning in Las Vegas as Donald Trump was inaugurated.
Firearms journalists attending the 2017 SHOT Show watched Friday morning in Las Vegas as Donald Trump was inaugurated.

As Donald Trump becomes the 45th president Friday, the gun prohibition lobby is continuing its campaign of canards regarding what his presidency could mean for making the Second Amendment great again, and restoring common sense to firearms laws and regulations.

In an email blast from anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety headlined “Today,” one finds the following allegations that will make Second Amendment activists bristle:

  • Trump “has pledged to force guns into schools.”
  • There is pending legislation “that would force all 50 states to allow violent criminals to carry hidden, loaded guns on our streets.”

It’s not true and Everytown knows it, but the dominant media (aka “mainstream press”) has refused to challenge these assertions.

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Congressman Richard Hudson (R-N.C.) introduced H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, which should have a chance of passing with Republicans in control of both the House and Senate. This legislation would make state-issued concealed carry licenses and permits valid across all state lines. Proponents contend that citizens do not leave their self-defense or Second Amendment rights at the state line.

Under Hudson’s proposal, armed citizens would still be required to follow all the laws of the states in which they carry while traveling.

Trump has not pledged to force guns into schools. He has said that so-called “gun free zones” are essentially nonsense because they leave honest citizens and especially children helpless against crazy people and terrorists. And they do not stop killers at the door.

Besides, many school districts around the country have already opted to allow teachers and/or administrators to carry firearms on campus. Everytown knows this, also.

The gun prohibition lobby, funded by elitist billionaires, was stunned and devastated by Trump’s surprise victory in November. They all expected Hillary Rodham Clinton — who insisted the Supreme Court was “wrong on the Second Amendment” — to be waltzing into the Oval Office today.

Anti-gunners are furious that Trump, not Clinton, will be making appointments to the Supreme Court and lower federal courts, where gun laws will be increasingly challenged on constitutional grounds. They had hoped a liberal high court would reverse the Heller and McDonald rulings that define the Second Amendment as affirming of an individual civil right.

Their game plan has now shifted to the states, where they intend to buy the erosion of Second Amendment rights via citizen initiatives. This should send a clear signal to gun rights activists that it’s not the time to declare victory and go home.

Second Amendment activists may use this opportunity to donate heavily to such groups as the National Rifle Association and Second Amendment Foundation. They’re the ones who have led the offense. Grassroots gun rights groups such as the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Gun Owners of America can fire up the “boots on the ground.”

There was a grain of truth in the Everytown blast: “We’re now facing an uphill battle.”


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