Gun Control in Action: Aussie Cops Confiscate T-Shirt Launcher

It's because I'm green, isn't it? #AmphibiousLivesMatter
It’s because I’m green, isn’t it? #AmphibiousLivesMatter

As more American liberals point to the example of Australia’s recent crack down on personal ownership of firearms, law enforcement Down Under may have inadvertently illustrated just how quickly common sense can be abandoned when replaced by political correctness. Case in point: The Queensland Police Service recently confiscated a T-shirt cannon in the name of gun control.

As reported by Awr Hawkins of the news portal on Feb. 12, 2016, the Townsville Crocodiles of Australia’s National Basketball League were ordered to surrendered their much feared T-shirt launcher to the local gunjies. According to Crocodiles general manager, Rob Honan, the Queensland Police “ballistics unit informed the venue that essentially it was a Category B Weapon and it needed to be handed in, otherwise people in possession of it would be prosecuted.”

Despite the offending launcher being essentially nothing more than a dressed up piece of PVC piping with a can of compressed air attached, the local coppers informed the team that the recently designated Category B Weapon must be licensed and registered to the user. With its new weapon designation, T-shirt launchers must be properly manufactured — not the homemade variety. The police made a point of explaining that weapons such as T-shirt launchers “can only be manufactured by a licensed armorer.”

According to the official website of the Queensland State Police, T-shirt launchers aren’t specifically cited. Nonetheless, Category B Weapons are as follows;

a) a muzzle-loading firearm;
b) a single shot centre-fire rifle;
c) a double barrel centre-fire rifle;
d) a repeating centre-fire rifle;
e) a break action shotgun and centre-fire rifle combination.

Listed as a Category M Weapon, any Aussie desirous of going full Rambo or imitating their best Walking Dead’s Daryl imitation might want to think again. As cited;

(g) any crossbow designed to be discharged by the use of 2 hands that, when discharged, is capable of causing damage or injury to property or capable of causing bodily harm.

Isn’t that the whole point of a crossbow? But I digress.

Just in case any frustrated Australian Catholics should take it upon themselves to resurrect the spirit of Pope Urban II and that whole Crusades thingee, the Queenslander constabulary have a plan in place for such a contingency. Medieval arms such as flails, maces and weighted gloves are specifically listed as Category M Weapons. Needless to say, they’re strictly verboten.

Curiously, Category R Weapons include what most Yanks, even those of the liberal variety, consider a must have – pepper spray. According to the Australian government;

(d) an antipersonnel gas, and an antipersonnel substance, of a corrosive, noxious or irritant nature or that is capable of causing bodily harm, and any weapon capable of discharging the gas or substance by any means…

Also tagged as Category R Weapons would be machine guns, rocket launchers, recoilless rifles, antitank rifles, bazookas, rocket propelled grenades, mortars and napalm. Possibly ensuring all bases were covered, artillery pieces also made the list.

The case could also be made that the Category M Weapons ban against Chinese throwing stars and European maces could also be applied to rocks and sharp sticks. So far, harsh words or mean looks haven’t been outlawed — yet.


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