Guillotine Threat by Antifa Against Portland Mayor, Violent Rioter Confrontations Continue

Word got out a couple of days ago that the Proud Boys and a pro-police rally were coming to Portland. Police stated that they didn’t have the resources to keep them separated from Antifa. Cue the anticipated donnybrook. But later, early Sunday morning, the scene went doubly violent when Antifa brought a guillotine to the riot, along with a teddy bear to symbolize Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. Remember this, if you align yourselves with radical leftists, they will turn on you. It’s a given.


First, the donnybrook. For those of you unfamiliar with the term it means a scene of “uproar and disorder.” And punching, attacking,  pepper spray, sticks and bats, the usual way that Portland Antifa operates. The pro-police rally goers tended to not take that sort of thing, so Antifa got hammered in kind.

So the scene of violence continued in the daylight, but turned especially ugly overnight with an Antifa guillotine threat against Mayor Ted Wheeler and the United States. It was a visual that made their actual intent very clear.

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So the gist of all of this with the visual from the Antifa guillotine tells you one thing: they want to destroy the entire nation, and do not care whether you are placating them or not. You can stand with the rioters and try to be nice all you want, but it will not end well. They do not care. And they are bent upon reaching their “comrades” in other cities with their violent methods – which has worked well. On Sunday morning, Denver rioters smashed up windows, attacked a police department and a courthouse.


“Much of the violence enacted by antifa and BLM is for propaganda uses. They hope their acts of criminality inspire comrades in other cities. It’s worked as the same strategies are being put into practice elsewhere.” Andy Ngo

So there you have it, America. As long as these violent anarchists are allowed their vicious plans with no repercussions, this will continue to be a threat.

Their “black bloc” members have marched through residential neighborhoods, shining lights on people’s homes, shouting, chanting, and daring them to come out. If the residents do come out, they are threatened. How long before the residents’ homes are burned down and graffiti’d like government and business buildings? This needs to stop. There is no time left.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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