Guess: Who was arrested for those St. Louis church fires?

 All those St. Louis churches in predominantly black neighborhoods – the fires set at the front doors…everyone totally believed the arsonist was a white guy with racist intent. Gee. Guess what? We threw the question out “What if” when it was previously reported. The prediction came true…the arsonist arrested is BLACK.

David Lopez Jackson, 35, was charged Friday with two counts of arson in the string of 7 church fires in St. Louis. Police say that more charges may be on the way as they continue to investigate.

There is something else to note here – look at the tattoo on Jackson’s forehead. The crown between his eyebrows may possibly indicate a person who subscribes to the black supremacy movement – someone who believes that blacks are superior to all other races, and should dominate them.

 church fires
David Lopez Jackson – police photo

Can’t figure out the motive

Police say that they have “no idea what the motive is” in these fires, but Jackson is the suspect in all seven of them. His residence is near the first 6 arson cases. They found a container of gasoline and a Thermos bottle that smelled of gasoline in his car.

[The St Louis police accelerant-sniffing dog, Chloe, was part of the investigation into the arson cases. Police said she retires on November 6. High five, Chloe.]

Jackson’s record includes assaulting a police officer, unlawful use of a weapon, domestic assault, burglary, drug-related crimes, and resisting arrest. At one point he was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation.

Media bias

The news media made a huge case for a white racist. They compared it to the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. They reminded people of the KKK. They did everything in their power to drive the point home that it was being investigated as a “hate crime.”

But the damage was small compared to what it might have been, and the fires were only set at the front doors. Why? Did the perpetrator not really want to damage black churches? Was his motive to make it look like a white person did it? Hmmmm.

Neither the media nor police view black perpetrators as “racist.” Yet we have virulently racist groups such as #BlackLivesMatter, Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam,  the New Black Panthers, etc., that create severe division in cities across the nation.

Guaranteed, the narrative will now be that Jackson was “mentally ill” and any hint of black racism or the desire to place the blame on whites will be downplayed. But that, St. Louis Police, might be a motive you should check out.

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Faye Higbee

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