Group Working to Ban Sanctuary Cities in California


A California group has gotten a boost from the defeat of sanctuary city supporter Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi in San Francisco.  They have started gathering signatures in order to create a state-wide ban on sanctuary cities.  Democrats have basically given the middle finger to American citizens who really don’t want to be murdered by an illegal alien.  You’d be surprised just how many there are even in California.  It has become a hot button issue ever since an illegal alien by the name of Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez senselessly murdered a young lady named Katie Steinle, who inspired Katie’s law vehemently opposed by liberals.

Ted Hilton is the man behind the new ballot initiative and he said:

“This should be a warning sign to elected officials in other sanctuary cities that the majority are opposed to their refusing to cooperate with federal authorities.”

Mirkarimi had issued a ban on his deputies talking with federal immigration officials.  That decision led to the death of Steinle as she walked along a pier with her dad.  The election wasn’t even close.  The voters spanked him for compromising their safety.

Ted Cruz has been fighting in the Senate to bring Katie’s Law onto the floor for a second time.  The first time Democrats declared that illegal’s lives are more important than the life of everyday Americans.  Harry Reid has been particularly insistent that illegal aliens get preferential treatment.  He claims that it would force the federal government to build 20,00 more beds.  Better beds than coffins.  Reid’s argument seems to concede that there are large numbers of violent illegal aliens that would be taken of the street, if we would just do it.

The ballot initiative is a great way to end sanctuary cities.  It cuts the politicians out of the equation and puts the voters in the driver’s seat.  If successful in getting signatures, the initiative will appear on the November ballot in 2016.


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