Greg Gutfeld trolls CNN, wears logo on head during show

On Friday, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld trolled CNN as only he can, by donning a box with the network’s logo in a fashion similar to the now-viral video that showed President Trump body-slamming the propaganda outlet.

He previewed it on Twitter:

The reviews were terrific:

He later wore it on-air:

Mediaite noted:

In the intro of The Five, he wore a giant red box with the CNN logo on it. By the time they began discussing the latest developments in the Donald Trump Jr. meeting with the Russian lawyer, the box was off his head.

Co-host Juan Williams mentioned it a couple of times in mid-conversation, to which Gutfeld responded by calling himself a “human meme.”

At the end of the show, Jesse Watters asked Gutfeld if he was going to wear his CNN hat on the streets.

“I will be walking the streets of New York,” he responded. “Feel free to punch me.”

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Here’s video of Gutfeld’s latest costume:

BizPac Review added:

The tag paid homage to the meme war CNN ignited when it blackmailed and threatened to dox a private citizen for creating a comical WWE gif that showed President Trump body-slamming a CNN logo.

Humorless CNN threw a hissy fit after Trump tweeted the meme to his followers. Last week, CNN writer Andrew Kaczynski was dragged on Twitter after bragging about suppressing the Reddit user’s Constitutionally-guaranteed free-speech rights by threatening to dox him.

CNN’s bullying of a private citizen was widely condemned on all sides.

Here’s the video that started it all:

CNN, the outlet now seen by many as the least-trusted name in network news, was mercilessly mocked by social media users who flooded sites like Twitter with memes attacking the network, essentially telling their propagandists that they can’t dox everyone who disagrees with them.

We can’t help but wonder if CNN will send its crack investigative team against Gutfeld and Fox News:

Maybe CNN will accuse Gutfeld of inciting violence against the network…


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