GreenPeace’s ‘urgent message from Santa’ (Video)

Dan WeissThis following video is rated not PG or even G, unless the letter stands for garbazh. It’s from the environmental group GreenPeace, which desperately needs to get a life. Or at least a better spokesman than Dan Weiss of Center for American Progress, who appeared a short time ago on the Neil Cavuto show on Fox News Channel with Eric Bolling. Weiss was on hand to defend a GreenPeace ad in which a haggard-looking, decidedly non-jolly-looking St. Nick offers up a doomsday message about the shrinking polar ice.

Armed with an endless barrage of “statistics” but not an ounce of compassion, Weiss falsely claimed that the “public service announcement” available here was intended as satire and is not directed at children. If that is the case, one perforce wonders why are the first words out of Santa’s mouth “Dear children.” Liberals exploiting children to advance their agenda is nothing new.

Liberals attacking Christmas and the many traditions, spiritual and secular, that attend the holiday is also distressingly common. But combining the two in a single, silly video is a new low.

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GreenPeace and people like Weiss do need to get a life. Preferably on another planet.

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