Gowdy Zeros in on New Target, Patrick Kennedy

pkennedyTrey Gowdy isn’t mentioning the name of the target of his Benghazi committee but it’s pretty obvious he was speaking about Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy.  His office was responsible for accepting and responding to added security requests for the Benghazi compound.  Almost equally important is that Kennedy is the official who wrote to the defense department in 2012, stating that the Benghazi compound would no longer need the 16-man Security Support Team.

So why was he not held accountable for his actions?  The answer is simple.  Hillary Clinton and Patrick Kennedy were the ones who picked out the members of the Accountability Review Board that Democrats kept quoting.  Instead, the ARB nailed four middle management officials at the State Department that had no responsibility for security.  All four were hired back by the State Department .

In 2013, the House Foreign Affairs Committee filed a report on the Benghazi affair that named Kennedy as a central figure in the failure to protect Benghazi.  Here is an excerpt from that report:

“The Under Secretary for Management then is responsible for approving or rejecting security requests in consultation with the Deputy Secretary for Management and Resources,” the report reads. “This process implies that the approval and denial of security resources would have been made by — or at least briefed to — Under Secretary Kennedy, and perhaps even the former Deputy Secretary for Management and Resources, Thomas Nides.”

“In addition to their duties in reviewing security requests, these two individuals are functionally responsible for the deployment of personnel and the approval of expenditures at overseas posts, making the Benghazi ARB’s silence about their respective roles a clear oversight.”

Gowdy’s committee is still waiting for the bulk of Kennedy’s emails.  Kennedy was named by two State Department officials as the one responsible for security measures in Benghazi, including whistleblower Gregory Hicks.  Eric Nordstrom testified that all requests for additional security went through Kennedy’s office.


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