GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP At All-Time High: All Acts Of Violence, Even Staged Ones, Are Now Used To Take Away Your Freedom To SPEAK

(Natural News) More censorship, the governments around the world declare, as if there is not already enough. Ever since the plandemic, most governments around the world have declared war on free speech and free press, trying their best to ban and limit truth talk about the fake wars, fake climate change, fake vaccines, open borders and fake news in general.

For example, even though Antifa and Black Lives Matter violently protested in most metropolitan cities across America for years, destroying businesses, beating people to death and setting fires, nary a single one of them was prosecuted or did jail time; however, when Trump supporters and patriots marched to the Capital on January 6th, and peacefully protested a (fixed) election, they were ferociously hunted down and are STILL serving prison time, while being abused in the DC gulags.

It was all labeled incorrectly as a violent “insurrection” and this lie is still being spread today by all of mainstream media and social media. It’s disinformation, but the powers that be would have us all believe MORE censorship is needed for law and order. In reality, it’s just another form of censorship, to scare anyone else from challenging the false election narrative from 2020, and all the rest to come.

MSM and the globalists want to shut down X platform because it’s not 100% controlled by fake news anymore

Recently, the Irish Prime Minister is jumping on a violent incident that had nothing to do with a peaceful protest in order to “modernize” laws against “incitement to hatred and hatred in general.” This means increase the long arm of the police state there to shut down all protests the government doesn’t agree with and arrest people for thought crimes and free speech online. X user Sir Doge of the Coin responded with this appropriate statement, “Irish children were stabbed by a foreign man in Dublin yesterday yet the government twist the story and use the backlash as an opportunity to pass new hate speech laws,” … “The Irish government wants all of your freedoms.” Elon Musk, owner of X, added onto that by saying, “Ironically, the Irish PM hates the Irish people.”

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Another X user named Wall Street Silver commented on the situation, saying, “Instead of enacting laws to deal with the danger to children in Ireland, the radical left wing racist government is going to enact new laws to enable police to go after those who are complaining about the government,” …. “Vote them all out before it is too late.” Elon Musk added on to that comment, saying, “This is their last term in office.”

It’s obvious that governments around the world that support censorship and anti-free-speech laws will stop at nothing to clamp down even harder on the populace, especially when people point out the hypocrisy of the government, their narratives and their lies. Any act of violence, even ones that are staged by the government themselves (think FBI here), are now labeled as insurrections, hate crimes, domestic terrorism and the like. It’s all a ploy to extend and strengthen the stranglehold the tyrannical governments and the media already have on free speech and free press.

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