Gov Whitmer – Potential Biden VP Pick Under Fire for Hitler-Like Governance

Michigan Gov Whitmer is a potential Biden VP pick. But she is also being panned by many as a “tyrannical” danger to the country. Remember, she is the Governor who banned hydroxychloroquine and Z-packs from being used for COVID-19, threatened any doctor or pharmacist who prescribed it, then reversed herself and pleaded for it after the FDA approved it as a treatment. But she has other craziness that makes that action look tame.

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Democrat lawmaker Karen Whitsett had to literally beg for the drug to save her life when she came down with COVID-19. She came through the virus when she was finally able to get the drug. No thanks to Gov Whitmer.

During times of war, people are generally encouraged to raise gardens. Not Gov Whitmer, she banned retailers from selling seeds. Food is apparently not “essential.” She forced Lowes and Home Depot to shut down flooring, garden centers, and plant nurseries (Gateway Pundit).

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

She banned buying tulip bulbs, for some ridiculous reason known only to her tyrannical side.


She has banned travel between houses in Michigan, saying, “All public and private gatherings of any size are prohibited. People can still leave the house for outdoor activities.” (TheBlaze)

Outdoor activities except golf.

People can go to a funeral if there are no more than 10 people present, which violates her own order (just saying). Residents can visit a nursing home, “if applicable” or go to a court-ordered custody arrangement. They can leave the house to take care of a relative. It’s an EO that cannot be enforced without Draconian measures.

Naturally, her Executive order 2020-42 demands all nonessential businesses stop and she does not regard firearms businesses as essential (never mind the DHS guidance on the subject). Her order demands that all businesses that are not necessary to “sustain or protect life” must cease. So far she has violated her own order nonstop. Firearms qualify as “protection,” but not for her.

People can’t protect themselves. People can’t grow their own food. People can’t buy anything except what she tells them to buy – you couldn’t even buy a basket of candy eggs for Easter in Michigan because it’s ‘nonessential.’  Banning baby car seats? That’s about as low as it gets.

One Twitter user responded: “It doesn’t need “clarification”. The government needs to get the hell out of the business of deciding which specific products we can and cannot buy. The very notion is beyond absurd.”

Gov Whitmer is absurd in her method of governance. Or lack thereof.

There is a petition that has been signed nearly 133,000 times as of this writing on Change.org to impeach or recall Gov Whitmer. People in Michigan are fed up, and want her gone. (Breitbart) The petition is at this link: https://www.change.org/p/michigan-state-house-impeach-governor-whitmer

A rally for people in their cars to surround the State Capital Building  is scheduled for April 15 at 12:00 p.m.

Michigan’s typical small business owners obey laws, but they may not notice the progressive agenda being pushed by our radical leftist Governor Whitmer. Dope shops are open, while cigar shops are closed.”  Rosanne Ponkowski, President, Michigan Conservative Coalition

The Washington Examiner reported,

“Yet, somehow, Whitmer has simply leaned into her tyrannical streak. Now, Michiganders are banned from traveling in between their own residences, and grocery stores cannot sell “nonessential items,” including lifesaving car seats that are legally required for children under eight, and gardening supplies that would allow people to grow their own food…

…Whitmer can’t run Michigan. There’s no reason to believe she could run the rest of the country either.”

If Biden is truly considering this Hitler-like Governor, he’s sinking his own ship. Again. Never mind. Go ahead, Joe Biden, and have a nice day.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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