Gov Polis Townhall Goes Awry – Security Yanks Grandmother to the Floor

LaDonna Robertson is a grandmother. She also had recent back surgery. She is not fond of Colorado Gov Polis because of the left-leaning policies he espouses. When a Polis Townhall was scheduled in Colorado Springs, a group called Official Recall Governor Polis went, believing it to be a normal Townhall where they could share their thoughts. She paid for her presence with injuries… AFTER the Townhall was over.

polis townhall
The moment when LaDonna falls across the chairs after being yanked by security- screenshot

No Freedom of Speech at the Polis Townhall

The Polis Townhall was not a normal one. Though people were told that it would be open seating, it was not. The first 7 rows were reportedly blocked off for “VIP” only. There would be no opportunity for citizens to voice their opinions on any issue whatsoever. After the meeting was over, things turned ugly.

LaDonna and others told us that there was no one at the event to tell attendees that banners and signs were not allowed. There was no advance notice of the rules, even though they claimed so after the incident. LaDonna brought with her a green scarf that read “Official Recall Polis.com.” She held it in front of her, down low enough so that people could see over it during the event.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

She also took it down and put it around her shoulders. But when a couple came up and started harassing her for her stance at the end, she held it up to cover her face. That’s when the security guard grabbed her scarf and then her. Her granddaughter was present at the event as well and watched with horror as LaDonna was jerked over the row of seats and down to the floor.

The security guard was from the school – Harrison School District 2. He has been fired, according to Colorado Peak Politics. [The school district said they would use “community partners” at the next political event instead of their own security].

Having had a recent back surgery, the pain LaDonna experienced at being jerked to the floor was extreme. In the video you can hear her scream (see below). She also had a recent rotator cuff surgery, which was a concern at first.

“My bruising was around my stitches and on my arm, wrist sprained and my shoulder tweaked, but seems to be ok as of now.” LaDonna Robertson

She still has difficulty sleeping, and constantly feels the need to protect herself.

We heard from a few of the witnesses who were at the Polis Townhall and saw what happened to LaDonna.


Zechariah W, who was in the room with the OFficial Recall Polis group sent us an email that stated:

“I have heard reports that it was advertised and posted and even told to us at the start of it all that no signs or posters were allowed in. If that was the case, then why didn’t they tell her she had to leave at the very beginning when she brought the scarf out? Cause she wasn’t doing anything wrong and we were never told about no signs or posters.

But for the reason for the email, what happened. So the governor said his last line and people started to clap and stand up and others like myself stood up saying “recall”. There was a couple getting in LaDonna’s face as she was saying “recall” so she put the scarf up in her face to block them from getting in it. At this point the security guard comes up the row to her and grabs the scarf and her and yanks her down to the ground. She recently had surgery and getting pulled down and attacked, right in front of her grand daughter by the way, didn’t help any of her recovery or injuries.

The guards didn’t seem to interested in helping her right away either. The whole time of the attack I was asking them why they did it cause she and the rest of us have 1st amendment rights to freedom of speech which they seemingly attacked her for and when they did it as such a show they seemed more interested in ushering everyone out and shutting people up.”

A retired US Army Major, Bob Tocarciuc, and current part time Security Contractor at another facility had this to say:

I am writing to inform you that I was present with LaDonna Robertson at a Town Hall meeting held on 4 May, 2019 at Sierra High School, in Colorado Springs. This was a scheduled event where Jared Polis came to speak about his policies and agenda. The event ended with a school security guard grabbing LaDonna’s scarf and her arm and pulling her to the ground. He alleged that she was “disruptive” and had carried a sign into the auditorium. Both of these allegations are completely false.

After the incident, I helped LaDonna get back up on her feet, and helped her walk out of the auditorium where the event took place. As we walked up the auditorium  steps to reach the exit door, one of LaDonna’s friends (whose name I cannot remember) asked the school principal to call for an ambulance. LaDonna was hurt pretty badly from having back surgery recently and the school security guard throwing her to the ground.

I watched the school principal laugh and walk away from the immediate area immediately after LaDonna’s friend requested he call an ambulance.  I found his conduct to exhibit the most irresponsible and unbecoming qualities of any public servant I have ever encountered. 

I wrote the principal an email two days later expressing my disgust and contempt toward his attitude and the discredit he has brought upon all public employees, and especially those employed by schools…

…I work as a private security contractor, part time. As another member in that line of work, this guard’s actions and conduct after he threw LaDonna on the ground are completely unacceptable, unprofessional and smack of political bias, considering the context of the event we attended. If a member of my security team ever conducted themselves in that manner, I would fire them on the spot.

The fact that both the principal and security guard are school district employees, their callous attitude toward a member of the public is grounds for dismissal – in my opinion.

Screenshot of newspaper article

Here is a video of the incident:

The “Pocket Politicians”

LaDonna and her friends from Official Recall Polis are exceedingly unhappy with the new Red Flag Law. She told us that according to the new law, a person can just tell a judge over the phone about someone being a “danger” and their guns will then be confiscated- and not until two weeks later do they get a hearing. But at that hearing, the person must prove that they are innocent…which is extremely difficult to do and makes the justice system backwards. She mentioned that several Sheriffs in the state are taking the new law to court in an effort to stop the law.

This is a video of an interview with LaDonna conducted by Marine Veteran Bill Muckler:

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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