Gov. Jay Nixon: Forget about innocent until proven guilty, prosecute Darren Wilson

jnixonIt seems Jay Nixon, the Democratic Governor of Missouri, doesn’t think too much of that whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing and has decided instead to call for a “vigourous prosecution” of Darren Wilson, the officer who shot 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Not a vigorous investigation, mind you, but a vigorous prosecution.  In other words, to hell with the evidence and the mitigating circumstances.  Naturally, it doesn’t matter that over a dozen witnesses have corroborated Wilson’s side of the story.

Here’s the video:

As Twitchy noted, it didn’t go over too well:

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But facts don’t matter to a growing number of people who no doubt think Michael Brown had just come up with a cure for cancer when the mean old white police officer gunned him down for no reason at all.

No, he’s not.  But he is a Democrat governor seeking to mollify his low-information base who probably know nothing about the idea of being innocent until proven guilty.

Good question.

Stalin, Democrats — what’s the difference?  Besides native language, of course.

The spelling’s off, but this person has the current liberal mob mindset figured out pretty well.

Please…  Don’t give them any ideas…



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