Got Desperation? The shills continue to talk crazy to appeal to their base.

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Amazing how the leftist-marxist-democrats whom carry water/shill for EVERYTHING democrat can never actually articulate a cognitive thought that speaks to the reasons why they support hildabeast.

They “quite simply” just speak in emotional platitudes talking about Trumps perceived negatives. Why?

Because this speaks directly to the “emotionally driven zombies” that infest the democratic base.

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They are very easily moved by bright lights, signs that are made for them and thrust into their hands with some sort of EASY to remember rhyme or slogan, in-which 99% of them cannot themselves articulate their positions (usually bused to rallies and with a boxed lunch paid for them).

But there is one more “very important” reason that the shills do this…..

Because they cannot tout anything of accomplishment for the vile hildabeasts years of being in the public eye as a “civil servant.”

In other words, because she lacks ANYTHING substantive to the positive to run on (and this includes her being tied at the hip with ZERO ACCOMPLISHMENTS NObama) they break out the old Communist/Marxist Manifesto and the book Rules for Radicals and commence to “accusing Trump” of being EVERYTHING and ANYTHING under the sun that has a chance to stick to him.

This also serves as a way to take up time by the Trump campaign to have to answer to the myriad “falsehoods” unjustly heaped upon him. Thus taking the focus and wasting time on combating that which is not true.

See how that works?? This is the oldest trick in the marxist playbook. Don’t fall for it, cut through the BS and get to the hardcore truths.

The mother of lies.
The mother of lies.
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