GOP Governor of Guam praises President Trump, slams Lindsey Graham

Gov. Calvo (R) speaking to the American people in prime time

The Republican governor of Guam made no bones about it. As far as he is concerned regarding the weak-kneed in Washington, DC when it comes to standing-up to the nuclear-armed Kim Jong-un threatening his slice of the United States in the Western Pacific;

“As far as I’m concerned, as an American citizen, I want a president that says that if any nation such as North Korea attack Guam, attack Honolulu, attack the west coast, they will be met with Hell and fury.”

But the man who is the chief executive of the furthest US soil from the mainland wasn’t done hammering away generically at those who want to tuck tail and hide from the North Koreans.

The First Family of Guam.

As reported by Fox News, Calvo had some choice words for the US Senator from South Carolina, who obviously forgot of the hundreds of thousands of US citizens who live on US soil in the Pacific region;

But, Calvo also blasted Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for apparently being open to an all-out conflict in the western Pacific.

Graham said on CBS News that he does not want a war with North Korea, but “if there’s going to be a war, it’s going to be in the [Pacific] region.”

“War is the last option,” Calvo said, adding that many people in the States overlook the hundreds of thousands of people on American soil in Micronesia and Polynesia.


Like the overwhelming number of American citizens who trace their lineage to the Marianas Islands, Gov. Calvo’s ethnic heritage is a mostly of a mix of the indigenous people, the Chamorros, and the Colonial Spanish, with heavy doses of everything from Irish to Japanese to Italian to German.

A prime example would be of Calvo himself: His paternal great-grandparents were Don Tomas Anderson Calvo and Doña Regina Martinez Torres. His maternal great-grandparents were John Francis McDonald and Dolores Mariano.

It should also be noted that the governor’s maternal grandfather was Antonio Camacho Baza, a former United States Marshal.

During the Fox News interview, Gov. Calvo may have angered some on the political Left for having a particular religious item there in the Governor’s Office – to the viewers right of Calvo is seen a small statue of the Holy Infant Jesus being held by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Some things are worth fighting for.

Guamanian girls at Tumon Beach.

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