Google Censors Ads For Abortion Pill Reversal Protocol; GOP Demands Answers, AGAIN

Under Biden, the Tech megacorps have been emboldened to lay aside the slightest pretense of being neutral, and act as openly partisan leftists.

With America’s federal government acting aggressively as though they were a de facto one-party state (and Big Tech believing they’re in a position to tip the scales to keep it that way), who would they think could possibly stop them?

The GOP has very few levers of power at their fingertips for the moment, but they have been doing what they can to give a formal voice to their concerns and build a case for when they can do more.

The latest example involves the censorship of a pro-life message.

In September, GOP legislators sent a message to Google concerning a paid advertisement that pointed pregnant women to a help hotline for anyone who had second thoughts after having taken the abortion pill, and told expectant women they still had options to save their baby, including the ‘abortion pill reversal’ (APR) protocol.

The ad, directing people to Heartbeat International’s Abortion Pill Reversal hotline, was placed by the well-known pro-life activist group Live Action.

A pro-abortion activist group petitioned Google to pull Live Action’s ads, making untrue claims about the protocol, and Google was happy to oblige. That was what the first letter was about.

Google’s answer was not great, and the ads were not restored. A follow-up letter sent by the GOP, including the list of signatories, is enclosed at the end of the article.)

Obviously, Democrats are unlikely to do anything at all about Google’s partisan activism, because Google is acting as a digital footsoldier and enforcer of their political agenda, with a fig leaf of ‘fact checkers’ for a pretense of legitimacy — exactly as they laid out in their Media Matters War Plan 2017.

But midterm elections are only a year away, and a lot can change if those gavels change hands — especially if Republicans can manage to get a majority big enough to overcome a Presidential Veto.

Democrats may like Big Tech abusing their power this way, but interactions like this are good evidence that the big tech behemoths no longer meet the criteria in which Section 230 gives protections to companies operating in good faith.

Stop protecting them from liability and accountability, they have been abusing the privilege.

(Full text of the letter follows below.)

Dear Mr. Pichai:
We received Google’s response to our letter of September 16. We are deeply disappointed that you have not reversed Google’s unjust decision to censor life-saving information on abortion pill
reversal. We had hoped to receive assurances of Google’s commitment to uphold the fundamental principle of freedom of speech and follow the science. Unfortunately, Google’s response only increases our alarm.

As you know, Google’s international dominance in multiple fields of technology enables it to either safeguard or stifle the free expression of billions of people, including the communication of information that can save lives. Therefore, Google’s ability to independently self-regulate its own content restriction policies is of the highest concern.

Google says it prohibits “inaccurate claims or claims that entice the user with an improbable result (even if this result is possible) as the likely outcome a user can expect.” Google also suggests Live Action has made “harmful health claims” by promoting abortion pill reversal (APR).

Google’s only evidence of Live Action’s violation appears to be one statement from the proabortion American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), which says APR is “not based on science.” ACOG’s statement is simply false, and Google’s repetition of this pro-abortion organization’s false claim seriously calls into question its commitment to, “work without political bias.”

As we said in our September 16 letter, progesterone, an FDA-approved drug,[1] is not harmful. Progesterone has been used safely for decades to prevent miscarriage. Women’s bodies naturally produce progesterone during pregnancy,[2] and progesterone products are available over-thecounter. We also cited studies indicating that APR has a 64-68% success rate, and has saved the lives of 2,500 children.[3] In fact, progesterone has even recently shown positive results in treating
male COVID-19 patients.[4]

On the other hand, a seller of mifepristone would certainly be making a “reliable” claim by advertising on Google this drug that is designed to kill unborn children in the womb. Yet mifepristone can also be quite harmful to the mother, as it has killed at least 24 women, and sent
at least 1,042 women to the hospital.[5]

Given these facts, can you affirmatively state that mifepristone ads fully comply with Google’s “harmful health claims” policies, while progesterone-related ads do not?

Lastly, as you are surely aware, Live Action is not a medical provider, and it provides no abortion or abortion pill reversal services. This organization is a pro-life nonprofit advocacy group, promoting a hotline for women interested in reversing the effects of mifepristone. Women who
take mifepristone call the hotline, and are directed to speak with a medical professional who can then evaluate the woman’s specific medical situation before any medical advice is given. This is akin to promoting other healthcare-related hotlines concerning suicide prevention, COVID testing and treatments, substance abuse, mental health, free medical advice, and emotional support. The hotline advertisers in each of these instances are providing a public service. They are not guaranteeing outcomes of specific treatments by simply directing people to a hotline.

In closing, we wish to reiterate the questions raised in our previous letter which Google did not answer. We asked whether, prior to removing Live Action’s ads, Google communicated with proabortion organizations (including representatives from abortion providers such as Planned
Parenthood). We also still wish to know if any consideration was given to members of the scientific and medical communities who do not share ACOG’s pro-abortion position.

Google’s decision to censor Live Action’s abortion pill reversal ads is denying life-saving information to thousands of women who want to save their unborn children’s lives from a tragic decision they regret. We urge you to swiftly reverse this unjust and indefensible decision.


Steve Daines
United States Senator

Jim Banks
United States Representative

James Lankford
United States Senator

Doug Lamborn
United States Representative

James. M. Inhofe
United States Senator

Markwayne Mullin
United States Representative

Cindy Hyde-Smith
United States Senator

Scott Fitzgerald
United States Representative

Marco Rubio
United States Senator

Matt Rosendale
United States Representative

Roger Wicker
United States Senator

Lauren Boebert
United States Representative

Ted Cruz
United States Senator

Mary Miller
United States Representative

Mike Braun
United States Senator

Dan Bishop
United States Representative

Claudia Tenney
United States Representative

Austin Scott
United States Representative

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