Goodbye free speech: Bill Whittle says he was told to get ‘political insurance’ to cover his speech; Video

300free-speech-160What in the world is happening to America?  It seems the left is finding even more creative ways to silence those whose opinions they don’t like.

In a video posted to YouTube on 9/11, Bill Whittle said all he wanted was regular insurance to cover his property.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get it and had to buy “political insurance” because of his opinion.  That’s right — he couldn’t get insurance for his property because he regularly expresses conservative opinions.  The only cure was to buy — get this — political insurance.  To cover his speech.

Check out the video below:

Exit question:  What kind of a country is it where conservatives have to buy insurance to protect their right to free speech?

Meanwhile, liberal nutjobs like Mike Dickinson can freely go out and call for the extermination of millions of Americans


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