Going to war with less than noble intentions

obama and bidenOK guys …let’s cut to the chase…do NOT…I repeat do NOT fall for Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s abrupt policy change of now trying to ‘appear noble’ by saying he will wait until Congress returns to session to get the votes needed to attack Syria. You all know as well as I do that this is NOTHING but saber-rattling of the worst kind…saber rattling to ‘save face’ and make himself appear a hero, and also to use this delay as his way out of a NO win situation of his own doing…as in ‘red lines’ that exist only in his mind.

And NO image speaks louder than that of Obama and Biden appearing together on Saturday in a Rose Garden news conference…something Obama only does when he needs to look presidential and feign concern by using the all important (to him) photo-op. Showing weakness and the demeanor of a man who’s playing a dangerous game with world leaders whose league he is way out of, Obama now claims that while the US should and will still take military action against Syrian President al-Assad for his (supposed) use of chemical weapons on civilians, he has now suddenly had a light bulb moment and decided to wait until Congress returns to session on September 9th to seek approval to do so.

What Obama does NOT say is that he did NOT make that decision to go the Congressional route…our allies who will NOT support him or his actions made the decision for him. Even America’s staunchest ally, Great Britain, wants NO part in attacking Syria as witnessed when the House of Commons refused to support any military action…NO matter how limited…against Syria.

And don’t let him try to fool you otherwise.

And while still bloviating that US national security interests are at stake…which we all know they are NOT for our contact with Syria and theirs with us has been fleeting at best for many years now…Obama knows that if the US acts unilaterally and goes it alone that he just might ignite an all out Middle East war with Israel at the epicenter…but that could very well have been his game plan all along, and been so since he first started bloviating about ‘red lines’ in the sand…maybe even using the same two words Netanyahu used when speaking about Iran just to throw it back in his face. I would NOT but it passed Obama to do just that.

But to make him appear noble…to feign loyalty to the Constitution…back to Congress he suddenly decides to go.

“President Obama is abdicating his responsibility as commander in chief and undermining the authority of future presidents,” Congressman Peter King (R-NY), a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. “The president doesn’t need 535 members of Congress to enforce his own red line.”

And that’s because all Obama’s rhetoric of ‘red lines’ and crossing them were and still are NOTHING but empty talk…empty talk that other world leaders NEVER took seriously to begin with. Obama’s words…words strung together just to pander to and appease his base…are just another reminder that he has set America’s foreign policy back God knows how many years, and is setting up what will likely be nothing but a bitterly fought partisan debate on whether to attack Syria or NOT and will be done just to waste time so Obama can say, ‘I followed the Constitution in regards to the War Powers clause and still Congress fought me and denied me what I want’.

And so like a little child stamping his feet and determined to get his own way, Obama will just issue another Executive Order or whatever it is he does when he’s NOT on the golf course or taking another vacation, and will send America back to war and for what…for more American blood to be spilled…for more American lives to be lost…because rest assured Obama will NOT be content with just shooting off a few missiles. After all he has to rebuild his reputation as ‘the man who sent al-Qaeda running’ (said sarcastically with a deep sigh).

And least anyone forget that claims of Assad gassing his own people have been made before and were ignored, but now suddenly this time is different…this time pictures of dead children lined up in a row are being used as justification that his ‘red line’ has been crossed…pictures to tug at the heartstrings of those whose votes he needs…pictures as phony as he is.

So with these pictures fresh in everybody’s minds, this past weekend he sent over to House Speaker John Boehner his ‘proposed resolution’ to reign Cruise missiles down on the wrong side in this battle (remember it’s NOT Assad who fired off the chemical weapons). Obama’s proposed resolution gives him the authorization to use force if he deems it necessary to prevent the further use of weapons of mass destruction and protect the US and our allies from the threats posed by such weapons. But please pray tell how the use of such weapons in Syria…and in a highly limited use at that…poses a threat to us here in America, and if they were ever used on let’s say our ally Israel, I can safely say Obama wouldn’t do a damn thing about it.

This resolution is just lip-service and a sham used in a desperate attempt by Obama to try and show the world that America stands behind him…guess what…we don’t for ‘We the People’ have grown weary of war…especially wars with people that are NOT America’s friend and with people that this president cares more about than he does about the American troops who might be sent there to fight against them.

But if his resolution is approved that would allow Obama to ‘save face’ for this vote would then honor the Constitution and its words that only Congress can declare war…as in Article I, Section 8, Clause 11, what most call the ‘War Powers Clause’. But if his resolution is voted down and Obama then decides to go it alone and attack Syria without Congressional approval, he actually would NOT be the first president to make that decision as the last war Congress declared outright was WWII. Every war since then…Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya…has been fought with something less than a fully supported declaration of war by Congress. Our country has been on the proverbial ‘slippery slope’ for decades, gradually shifting the power to declare and wage war away from Congress and towards the President, and that needs to be stopped and returned solely to its Constitutionally given rightful deciders …Congress and Congress alone.

So as of today we stand at a crossroads as Obama is lobbying hard to get his wish, for both the House and Senate must pass the exact same bill to give him that authorization to take our country to war…to in actuality put our country into the middle of Syria’s civil war.

And hopefully with many Democrats against this Obama will NOT get his wish…that is if RINOS extraordinaire John McCain and Lindsay Graham stay the hell out of this and keep their big mouths shut.


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