HERE WE GO AGAIN! Hawaii And Washington State Work To Block Trump Travel Ban


They, the left, are determined to create opposition at every turn. Once again, America will have to watch liberals attack Trump’s attempt to block terrorists from entering our country, legally, or illegally.

First, Hawaii stepped up to throw roadblocks at the latest Trump efforts to initiate a travel ban.

The Telegraph reports:

Hawaii has become the first US state to file a legal challenge to President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban.

Mr Trump’s new executive order signed this week restricts travel from six predominantly Muslim countries.

In a court filing Hawaii said it would seek a temporary restraining order. The state had taken similar action against Mr Trump’s original and more sweeping executive order signed
in January.

… Mr Trump’s new order keeps a 90-day ban on travel to the US by citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen but exempts Iraq, and applies the restriction only to new visa applicants.

Neal Katyal, a lawyer for Hawaii, said: “To be sure, the new executive order covers fewer people than the old one, but it suffers from the same constitutional and statutory defects.”

A spokesman for the US Department of Justice said: “We are confident that the president’s actions are lawful to protect the national security of our country.”

And so why should Hawaii be the only state to have the fun? Evidently Washington State also wanted to jump in front of the Trump train.

The liberals at CNN send us this info.

Washington state will ask a federal judge Thursday to block President Donald Trump’s new travel ban, joining Hawaii as the second state to challenge the executive order.

Bob Ferguson, Washington state’s attorney general, said that despite the significant changes to the President’s previous executive order, the new travel ban still suffers from legal flaws.

“The revised executive order does narrow” its impact, but “there is still harm,” Ferguson said in a news conference on Thursday. “This is effectively a Muslim ban.”

Attorneys general from Massachusetts, New York and Oregon confirmed they are planning to join the lawsuit. Minnesota is already part of the challenge to Trump’s actions.

US District Court Judge James Robart issued a nationwide temporary restraining order blocking implementation of the original travel ban on February 3.

… The original ban included Iraq, but the new order does not. Ferguson said that change doesn’t pass muster.

Rather than a seven nation ban, it’s is only “now a six nation ban,” he said. “The language is virtually identical.”
The legal arguments against the original order still hold, Ferguson believes.

“There are still constitutional problems with core provisions” of the new executive order, Ferguson said. “It cannot be a game of whack-a-mole.”

And so it goes.


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