Globalist Infiltration of U.S. Pro-Abortion Establishment Exposed

With the Covid-19 virus, race issues, riots, and other issues occupying American news, one issue that has not been noticed is the silent infiltration of pro-abortion globalists who have been aligning themselves with American pro-abortion groups as well as within the political scene.

Such a silent infiltration now appears to be a dangerous trend that appears to be on the rise without much notice, but has now been exposed by Operation Rescue.

Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue stated that Operation Rescue has previously published exposés on this topic involving the work of several organizations that once focused their population-control activities to third world countries, but are now actively and publicly working in America to advance an extreme leftist agenda of abortion and global socialism.

Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue explains:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

These heavily funded organizations have joined up with the America’s pro-abortion political establishment to push back abortion safety laws and expand the use of abortion drugs and late-term abortion on the American people.

In short, these groups want U.S. abortion laws and practices to reflect the socialist policies they have created in third world countries.

Here are a few of those reports that illustrate the point:

  • Targeted for Depopulation” exposed the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health, based at the University of California San Francisco, and its U.S. abortion training programs that are funded by a “Who’s Who” list of the world’s most radical pro-abortion, one-world government supporters.
  • Structure of Oppression? Why the Driver’s License is Hated by the Abortion-Supporting Left” explains how globalist organizations are attacking government issued photo ID’s as obstacles to getting an abortion and to voting.  This promotes the mail-in ballot system, and if allowed, would rig the results of the 2020 Presidential election.
  • China Virus Contact Tracing” revealed the Marxist, pro-abortion organization Partners in Health – heavily connected to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Health Initiative – that has recently diverted attention from third world nations like Haiti and Rwanda to conduct COVID-19 contact tracing in several states.
  • Depopulation Group Pays Abortionists to Edit Wikipedia Abortion Information,” showed how the Society of Family Planning trains abortionists alter Wikipedia entries to reflect pro-abortion positions by citing globalist organizations focused on depopulation through abortion and contraceptives.
  • Trump Administration Starts Process to Leave Corrupt WHO” reacted to President Donald Trump’s decision for the U.S. to leave the corrupt pro-abortion World Health Organization, one of the leading promoters of abortion world wide – with the past help of billions in tax funding courtesy of the American taxpayer.

The latest collaboration was announced by the Center for Reproductive Rights, which is a New York-based legal organization that attacks pro-life legislation in the courts.

It has joined hands with Ibis Reproductive Health – a globalist, socialist abortion group — to attack pro-life legislation and vilify those who are pro-life with the false notion that pro-life people lack empathy and compassion for women and families.

Read more here at OperationRescue.org.

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