Glenn Beck splits hairs and doesn’t vote for Hillary after he endorses her (VIDEO)


O-M-G! Will someone please put Glenn Beck back on his meds? He just keeps getting crazier and crazier. At least we can hope that’s the problem, because if it’s not, then he has a serious case of vindictiveness for that whole messy Ted Cruz thing, and he’s putting the future of America in serious jeopardy. At what point do the neurons in your brain turn from saving the republic to connecting Hillary Clinton and the Oval Office as a moral choice for POTUS?

As he has completely walked away from the common sense and patriotic values that brought him his fame and fortune, Beck is now vomiting out obscure and contorted statements like, Hillary is the moral choice for POTUS, but not without having to walk them back.

Breitbart lays it out here. It’s not pretty, folks.

The Blaze founder Glenn Beck took to his Facebook page last Saturday to urge his followers to abandon support of Republican nominee Donald Trump, declaring that if such an action results in the election of Hillary Clinton, “so be it” because “[a]t least it is a moral, ethical choice.”
Beck’s latest missive was in response to the release of an 11-year-old hot-mic tape of Trump saying lewd things about women.

“If the consequence of standing against Trump and for principles is indeed the election of Hillary Clinton, so be it. At least it is a moral, ethical choice,” Beck wrote.

Then he writes in a Facebook post that an elected Hillary can be blocked/fought. Is He Kidding? Who’s gonna fight her? The present congress? Like they fought Obama? He’s Nuts!!!

If the consequence of standing against Trump and for principles is indeed the election of Hillary Clinton, so be it. At least it is a moral, ethical choice.

If she is elected, the world does not end…. Once elected, Hillary can be fought. Her tactics are blatant and juvenile, and battling her by means of political and procedural maneuvering or through the media , through public marches and online articles, all of that will be moral, worthy of man of principal [sic].

At this point it is safe to speculate that Beck is an undercover operative for the eGOP, charged with keeping the uprising of independent, TeaParty, Republican defectors at bay. At least it’s not any crazier than the idea that a President Hillary can be controlled by our congress.

And like any drama queen who receives less than huge accolades for a tirade, he found a way to split hairs and walk his statements back.

Reminds of “someone” who tried to redefine the definition of the word, “is.” Drama, drama, drama. So disappointing from someone who could help advance the conservative revolution.


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