Glenn Beck: Americans racist if they let Stephen Bannon in White House — Video

Glenn BeckGlenn Beck was part of the effort to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, and now it appears that he’s joined the left in an effort to undermine the incoming administration.  On Monday, the talk show host declared that America is racist if Trump campaign chairman Stephen Bannon is allowed in the White House, Mediaite reported.

“When people really understand what the alt-right is, this neo-nationalist, neo-Nazi, white supremacy idea that Bannon is pushing hard,” Beck said Monday night. “It’s — I hope they wake up because, if not, we are racist. If that’s what we accept and we know it, then we are racist. I contend people don’t know what the alt-right is yet.”

Here’s video of his comments, courtesy of Mediaite:

Mediaite added:

Is America headed for a recession?

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck has made no secret of his contempt for Stephen Bannon, and he says Americans need to wake up and realize what the man represents.

Beck has previously referred to the former Breitbart chief as a “nightmare” and a “frightening,” “terrifying man.” Trump named him White House chief strategist on Sunday; Bannon had previously served as his campaign chairman.

For what it’s worth, it’s not the first time Beck has played the race card and there’s no love lost between him and Breitbart.  As Mediaite observed in December 2011:

Glenn Beck is very much not a fan of Newt Gingrich. If anyone didn’t yet know that from this interview, he made it very clear Saturday on Fox Business Network when he alleged that Gingrich was so similar to President Obama in his “progressive” ways, that the only reason Tea Partiers would like him over the President would be because of his race. Unsurprisingly, this has caused some anger. Even less surprisingly, one of those angry voices is Andrew Breitbart, a man who is very much not a fan of Glenn Beck.

Breitbart appeared on the Victory Sessions podcast and slammed Beck for, as his BigGovernment site put it, “pulling the race card” on the Tea Party. However, the Beck/Breitbart beef goes back a far wayand one could tell this had as much to do with a heated, longstanding grudge as with the Tea Party comment.. In fact, Breitbart only discussed that comment briefly before moving on to a list of the many slights he feels he’s received from Beck. He accused Beck of throwing him under the bus during the Shirley Sherrod scandal and trash talking him in private while poaching employees to create rival website The Blaze).

“This guy has always been about himself. You know, while you’re sitting there watching him talk about the food shortage stuff, he doesn’t tell you this ties to the Mormon Church. He doesn’t talk to you about his investors,” Breitbart said. “He doesn’t tell you that they’re paying for him to create a crisis. He always talks about Cloward-Piven and how Rahm Emanuel said ‘Don’t let a good crisis go to waste,’ but creating a hysteria that there’s going to be food storages because of chaos that is coming – he is profitting off this as well. There is a financial stake for him with food storage companies that advertise on his site. This guy is a huckster. He’s always been a huckster. It was only a few years ago that he was a shock jock, that he was a morning zoo guy. And he’s been taking people’s content for years and not crediting it.”

Beck, as readers may recall, made himself into something of a laughingstock when he rolled his face in a plate of Cheetos to mock Trump.


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