Gizmodo night editor calls ‘assassinating the president’ number three ‘coolest crime’

Gizmodo's Eve Peyser
Peyser. Source: Twitter

On Sunday, Eve Peyser, a Twitter user who describes herself as a “night editor” for Gizmodo in her online bio, issued a tweet in which she appeared to advocate murdering the president.

She quickly issued a tweet saying that she doesn’t really endorse killing the president:

But the damage was done.

One person added:

But something tells me Peyser didn’t have Obama in mind when she sent her initial tweet.

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No doubt…

One person reminded Peyser of what happened to another Twitter user who threatened Trump online.

Peyser describes herself as a writer and a comedian who celebrated 100 days without taking a drink of alcohol this weekend.

“Abstaining from alcohol has made my life infinitely better—my depression is quelled, I’m more awake, more productive, less plagued with persistent fantasies of suicide and self-harm. My mom tells me my eyes no longer look so dead,” she wrote on Saturday.

“Not drinking makes me feel like a kinder, less selfish person. It might not have altered my character fundamentally, but it makes it infinitely easier not to act my worst impulses,” she added.

Two days earlier, she posted a photo simply captioned, “hi haters.”

About seven hours prior to that post, she announced that she had joined the Democratic Socialists of America.

“Happy holidays!” she exclaimed.  “I just became a member and signed up to volunteer with Democratic Socialists of America, and you should do the same.”

No, thanks…

In case you were wondering, she promises to continue being a pain throughout the year:



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