Germany: Again, Muslims Feelings are Hurt

Turkish Muslims happily adapting to life in Germany.

Yet again, Muslims residing in the once great nation of Germany are claiming they are the target of even more insults at the hands of those dastardly Deutschlanders.

Just a few short years ago it was the followers of Mohammed were angered at the accusation they were easily angered, now it’s because their German hosts had the audacity to attempt to include the Muslims are part of the glorious Angela Merkel experiment in multi-culturalism.

As reported by the Moscow-based RT.com, the city fathers in the western German city of Duisburg have taken it upon themselves to personally invite all of the city’s residents to throw trash in its proper place.

Using some of the more decidedly European such as Steffi, Kevin, Lisa and Robert, the brainiacs behind the anti-litter campaign have added a few Turkish names, such as Mehmet and Gülcan.

In a nation where roughly one in fifteen “Germans” are in actuality Middle Eastern Muslims, the same newcomers are obviously quite taken with playing the part of the perpetual victim, especially at the expense of the guilt-ridden and psychologically emasculated Germans.


As reported;

A German city’s campaign to encourage citizens to throw away their trash has angered the area’s Turkish community because it includes garbage bins that urge people with names such as ‘Mehmet’ and ‘Gülcan’ to pick up their litter.

The city of Duisburg launched the campaign about a month ago in an effort to keep the community clean, putting signs on around 6,000 trash cans.

The signs have slogans encouraging people to throw their litter away, such as “Come here, Kevin” and “Clean, Steffi.”

But some also include Turkish names, with slogans such as “There you go, Gülcan” and “Do it, Mehmet.”

The use of those names in the campaign have left some people within the city’s Turkish community angry.

“Duisburg apparently has the impression that only Turks throw their trash on the ground,” one person wrote on Twitter. “What’s next?”

Not the first time Germany has had to deal with a Turkish temper tantrum, in 2014 the right-leaning Brookings Institute noted that Germany’s sizable Turkish minority took offense to the insinuation that Turkish-Muslims were easily offended;

Germany’s new coalition government is signaling that it wants better relations with the country’s Muslim community.

In a series of newspaper, television and radio interviews, Thomas de Maizière—who was recently sworn in as Germany’s new interior minister—has announced a series of pro-Muslim initiatives apparently designed to defuse escalating tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims there.

Among other policy initiatives, Maizière says the government plans to change German immigration laws to make it easier for Muslim immigrants to obtain dual-citizenship and thus to maintain religious and cultural links to their countries of origin.

Noting there were a series of meetings between German government officials and leaders of the Turkish community in Germany;

Muslims attending the gathering were offended by the insinuation that Islam could be radical or violent, and demanded instead that the German government take steps to make “Islam equal to Christianity” in Germany. They were equally unwilling to discuss the main item on the official conference agenda: “Gender Equality as a Common Value,” and refused even to acknowledge that there might be any connection between Islam and forced marriage.

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Sabatina James.

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