Gavin ‘I Am Not Running’ Newsom’s Presidential Plans

The governor of the nation’s largest sanctuary state, California, a pioneer in open borders and illegal immigration promotion, just declared that Joe Biden’s open border is bankrupting his state.

Gavin Newsom’s reveal, however, had nothing to do with immigration.

The “I am not running for president” governor just became presidential with presidential concerns as he declared it is his sense, and that of his political advisers, the open border is not popular.

His political pirouette does nothing but offer Newsom the opportunity to claim to be what he is not.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Newsom has one outstanding political attribute. He can run his mouth on any subject – and when he finishes he is a victim, and Republicans, racism and the lack of Marxist equity are the aggressors. Next we may reasonably assume the “king of the COVID lockdown” will commiserate with owners of closed businesses about unfairness.

At some point Newsom will have to reposition himself as a budgetary hawk, a guardian of the taxpayer’s bucks, a man who labors every day to make government more efficient. That will be done under the shadow of his reparations commission recommendation for a $223,500 payment to black Americans for the sins of whatever.

Newsom first had to clear last year’s recall effort, which was not that high a hurdle given the overwhelming Democratic voter registration advantage. Then he needed to wait until voters reelected him to a four-year term, which ends in 2026.

That opened up a presidential run without having to step out of public office.

And so, less than five weeks after pledging to be governor for four more years, the French Laundry diner takes off his mask and declares immigration to be too expensive for the Golden State.

Watching Gavin Newsom operate politically is like watching a lava light change colors. You know what’s happening, but some people stay hypnotized just in case.

Just days before bemoaning the flood of illegals coming to California, Newsom advocated universal health care for illegals. We know he is serious as he put that idea in his budget proposal.

Thanks to Gov. Gavin illegals may stop by their friendly Department of Motor Vehicles for a free state ID card so they can get more free stuff. Newsom signed that legislation.

In order to stop the border crossings and hold the line on costs to American citizens who were not left unemployed as Newsom binged on COVID business closures, California covers just the basics for those folks from around the world who come here:

  • Housing assistance
  • Public education
  • Health care
  • School lunches
  • Cellular phones
  • Legal assistance
  • Food assistance
  • State identification
  • Rental assistance
  • Legal protections against discrimination

We would not want to be overly generous, and encourage illegal behavior.

Newsom likes to brag using a public policy estimate that 27% of the 40 million California residents are foreigners. For decades Democrats, including the current governor, used the 11 million figure as the official estimate of illegals in the entire USA. It stayed at 11 million as millions more cross over each year during the 1980s, the 1990s, and then the arrival rates picked up seriously in the 21st century. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, however, remains stuck in the 20th century.

Th historical perspective is this. When Jerry Brown was governor during the first of four terms, the Golden State population was about 19.6 million. Brown and President Jimmy Carter shut down the Immigration and Naturalization deportation programs, and the illegal population bomb exploded. By the time Brown left office, California was at 40 million people and counting, but remarkably, the domestic birth statistics were declining. It was an indication half the state’s 40 million residents were illegal. No matter to the Democrats, who loyally stuck with the “11 million nationwide” statistic, not including Martha’s Vineyard.

Some of those pioneer border crashers are deceased. Their children now have children of their own, and so the real population statistic is illusive.

Never fear, Gov. Gavin is on the job, issuing vague criticism of open borders. Be assured when Newsom is president, he will advocate huge trillion-dollar state aid programs to cover the costs of illegal-alien welfare payments, but the capture of America will go on unimpeded by the political class.

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