Gateway Pundit reporter allegedly harassed, accosted at White House briefing by Fox Radio correspondent

Decker Fox Radio Gateway Pundit
Jon Decker

On Friday, Lucian Wintrich, a writer for the Gateway Pundit, said he was assaulted, harassed and accosted by Fox Radio personality Jon Decker at the White House briefing.  According to Wintrich, Decker reportedly pushed him in a back room, grabbed his arm and loudly told others assembled that he, meaning Wintrich, is a Nazi, and that the site he writes for is a white supremacist publication.

Wintrich also said he would be filing charges against Decker:

Wintrich also said there were witnesses:

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Adrian Carrasquillo, a White House correspondent from Buzzfeed, apparently saw at least part of the incident:

According to a post at We Are Change, Wintrich is “reportedly the first openly gay White House correspondent…”

We Are Change added:

“He came out of nowhere and cornered me in the back room, not letting me pass. He started calling me a Nazi – despite many of my family members dying in the Holocaust. When I asked him why he was being so aggressive and why he thinks I’m a Nazi, he admitted that he never actually read anything I wrote or the Gateway Pundit,” Wintrich told We Are Change. “He’s a truly sick guy, Fox needs to address behavior like this in their staff.”

The post at We Are Change continued:

“Your WH Radio reporter assaulted me twice & while calling me a Nazi. I had never met or spoken with him before,” Wintrich tweeted at Fox News Radio. “Half of my family died in the holocaust. Calling me a Nazi is not only wildly inaccurate but truly disgusting. He cornered me in the back room, pushing me toward a table, then he followed me out to the briefing room screaming.”

“Then he sat down starring at me from his chair, creepily smiling. This was unprovoked assault. He needs to be fired,” Wintrich continued.

Just to give you some perspective, Wintrich is the one on the right in this photo:

Gateway Pundit
Jim Hoft,(l) and Lucian Wintrich

And this is Decker:

Decker Fox Radio Gateway Pundit
Jon Decker

The Gateway Pundit is a staunch conservative pro-Trump website and is a new addition to the White House Press Corps.

Decker, Jim Hoft said, “is a board member of the White House Press room… His colleagues describe him as ‘one of the friendliest people in the White House press room.'”

Fox Radio has not issued a statement on the incident, We Are Change added.


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