Gateway Pundit’s “Twinks For Trump” White House Reporter Arrested For Assaulting Woman In Connecticut

Lucien Wintrich of The Gateway Pundit was arrested Tuesday evening for allegedly assaulting a woman in Connecticut.

In the spirit of The Gateway Pundit writer Joshua Caplan’s neo-plagiarism “curation of the news” modus operandi heh heh heh, The Daily Beast reports:

Lucian Wintrich, a White House reporter for the far-right site Gateway Pundit, was arrested during a speech at the University of Connecticut on Tuesday evening after a physical altercation with a female attendee. Multiple videos of the event show Wintrich grabbing the woman from behind after she took his written notes from the podium during a pause in the event, which drew large protests. Police on the scene said Wintrich had been detained, and the Gateway Pundit later reported that he was arrested. The altercation precipitated larger unrest as windows outside the event were smashed. It was not immediately clear whether Wintrich had been charged with a crime, or whether the woman he grabbed had been hurt.

Wintrich came to fame as a result of his 2016 photo exhibit titled “Twinks for Trump,” featuring nude men wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

At around 10 PM EST, just before this story went to “print,” Jim Hoft, who heads up The Gateway Pundit, texted, in regard to Wintrich, “We can’t locate him!! Crazy!!!!!!”

It has been a rough few days for The Gateway Pundit. On Sunday, Caplan (who isn’t even based in the United States but rather “reports” from Montreal) was caught in to-hell-with-the-actual-facts-I-have-to-crank-these-out-and-get-as-many-clicks-as-possible mode, getting just a bit too sloppy with the ongoing NFL-declining-attendance story.

Caplan, who clearly knows almost nothing about professional football (but, hey, clicks are clicks!!!) actually tried to claim that the Philadelphia Eagles, who have the NFL’s best record and a perennially passionate (even in much leaner years) fan base, were being plagued by poor attendance. See the article “#FakeNews Much? The Gateway Pundit’s Joshua Caplan Mocks Supposedly Poor Attendance At Philadelphia Eagles Home Game” for more about this.