Furries in Schools: The Destruction of the Family Continues

The destruction of the family is being accomplished by many avenues: dividing parents from children by indoctrination such as CRT (Critical Race Theory), transgenders or LGBTQ issues, and now a  plethora of “furries.” A furry is a human dressed up in a fur costume and identifies as an animal character. In Colorado, parents are up in arms about the trend to allow  “furries” in the schools after Heidi Ganahl, a Republican running for Governor raised the issue.

Furries are a growing movement

The controversy started on Sept. 24 when Ganahl told a local radio host about the existence of so-called “furries” in Colorado schools. She later named Jefferson County a furry hotspot.

Furries or “animal avengers” are students who hiss and bark and claw at the air while dressed in animal tails, ears, fur gloves, or other costume attire. Furries sometimes wear collars with leashes attached, allowing themselves to be “walked” by peers…

Some mainstream media have reported the trend is a myth, created by conservatives falsely raising concerns about schools. However, teachers, school administrators, and parents around the country have told The Epoch Times that the furry movement, indeed, is a growing and disturbing trend.

Ganahl told 710 KNUS radio host Jimmy Sengenberger that “not many people know that we have furries in Colorado schools—kids identifying as cats. It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it’s happening all over Colorado, and schools are tolerating it. It’s insane.”   The Epoch Times

Jefferson County School District lied about having furries in their schools and attempted to discredit Heidi Ganahl. But the President of Jeffco Kids First, a 6,000 member parents group, has been fighting the issue for months. They posted some of their evidence of lies online at their website.

– Emails show that for more than a year, Jefferson County parents have repeatedly asked Jeffco Public Schools to intervene to stop the distraction of costumes and animal-like behaviors in schools.
-Heidi Ganahl elevated these concerns in a radio interview.
-The media was incredulous that this could be happening in schools.
-Jeffco Public Schools put out a knowingly dishonest statement denying that students dress up in costumes at schools.
-The media (locally, nationally, and internationally) has run with this story, asserting that Regent Ganahl’s claims have been thoroughly debunked and broadening the story to include issues never raised by Ganahl.  Jeffco Kids First website

Quora asked what it meant to be a furry: “To be a furry means to have an interest, sexual or not in anthropomorphic animals. Although many people express this liking through art and costumes many people just enjoy the community. Being a furry allows you to be something other than human. Something fluffy, or cuddly, or maybe even whatever else you want. For me, it’s amazing.”

Screenshot via YouTube of Odin Wolf. Both his high school and college learned of his furry persona. He says in the video that he had no friends, but the furry persona gave him some.

For the people who think it’s amazing, let’s delve into the truth: not only are children being coached and indoctrinated into being something they are not with regard to their gender, they are allowed to become delusional about their species. Children are especially vulnerable to furries, and it is “expanding their imaginations” to a place where reality is blurred.

Science, Reading, Writing, Math,  all of the basics necessary to a successful life are being pushed to the side by schools that pander to the prevailing idiocy of the day. Now children are actively encouraged to ruin their lives instead of gaining the skills necessary to move ahead.

Years ago, if you or your pals had dressed up as a cat or a dragon, for example, and it wasn’t Halloween, a trip to the Principal’s office would have been the result. Instead of teaching students how to handle life’s bumps, schools in various places are teaching children to withdraw into fantasy. And anyone who questions it becomes a target for destruction.



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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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