Fundamental transformation: German officer to serve as chief of staff for U. S. Army Europe

laubenthalCall it part of that “fundamental transformation” we’ve all heard so much about.

On Thursday, the Army Times reported that for the first time ever, a non-American officer has been appointed to serve as the chief of Staff for U. S. Army Europe.

According to the Times:

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Brig. Gen. Markus Laubenthal, most recently the commander of Germany’s 12th Panzer Brigade in Amberg, and chief of staff of Regional Command North, International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan, will be stationed at USAREUR headquarters, Wiesbaden, Germany. He could report to duty as early as Monday.

“This is a bold and major step forward in USAREUR’s commitment to operating in a multinational environment with our German allies,” said USAREUR commander Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell.  “U. S. and German senior military leaders have been serving together in NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan for years. Sustaining the shared capability from this experience will benefit both the U. S. and German armies.”

“Luckily Obama’s proposal to place a senior Hamas officer didn’t get any traction,” one reader said.

Or a senior Taliban leader currently held at Guantanamo.


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