Frustrated: Video reveals 140 lies in Obama’s State of the Union speeches

obamalies2A video posted to YouTube earlier this week by a user going by “Tea Partier” reveals 140 broken promises — lies — told by Barack Obama during his State of the Union speeches.

The video comes in at just under 14 minutes (13:44) and as Twitchy noted, “that’s a lot of lying!”

Twitchy added:

An American citizen who will only describe himself as a Tea Partier grew tired of hearing President Obama lie to the rest of the country whenever the State of the Union came around.

After the president’s final speech had concluded, he decided to respond by making a video of every lie Obama ever told during the State of the Union.

“[J]ust imagine how long this video would have to be to capture every lie of his presidency,” Twitchy said.  Something tells me there’s not a server big enough to handle that video…

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Here’s the video:


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