French police beaten, attacked by migrant mobs

 french police
Screenshot of policeman being beaten by migrant mob

French police have been beaten and attacked by rioting migrants, and are leaving the police force in droves. At least 300 of the men have left, citing mob attacks by migrants, and the left-wing haters of police. Mass resignations and low morale are becoming a serious problem, particularly in Calais, France.

Express UK reported,

Police union leaders warned that officers are “risking their lives every day” patrolling the lawless port town, which is overrun by gangs of migrants wielding iron bars, rocks and even knives and guns.

They angrily chanted and waved banners in the town centre reading “stop the hatred against cops” and “we want protection and recognition” as the startling decline of a town once best known as the holiday gateway to Europe was laid bare for all to see.

Their desperate cry for help comes amid growing anger from British haulage groups over the intolerable situation in Calais, with lorry drivers being attacked on a daily basis by migrants trying to reach the UK. 

Desperate French cops said they had been vilified by left-wing media and politicians for trying to do their jobs and police the border with Britain, whilst also pleading for more men and resources to tackle the spiralling migrant violence. 

The following video from Les amis du Blog Police & Réalités, a French police blog, shows the issue of violence perpetrated on them. The police officer in this video appears to be alone as he tries to flee the increasingly dangerous mob. He is kicked and beaten by black-clad men while surrounded.

The sad fact is, this will only get worse as more refugees are allowed into Europe.

Calais has been the seat of extreme mob violence since thousands of Muslim refugees descended on the city and were allowed to camp out there.  Calais was once a tourist hub…now it is dying. Please pay attention to these men in the video- they are not “old women” or “women with children” as claimed by the Obama administration- they are able bodied men.

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