French Election: Marine LePen set to run off against Emmanuel Macron

Paris, France – Marine LePen has captured the second spot in the French election on May 7, setting her up for a runoff with Emmanuel Macron, the Progressive candidate.

LePen came out with 22.7 % of the vote, with Macron getting 23.3%. With the other candidates now out of the race, it promises to be a squeaker. Many of the French are already saying that Macron will win, but as everyone learned in our own election, there is that possible “Trump effect.”

LePen is in favor of a “Frexit” – leaving the European Union, and is against the massive immigration that has left France overwhelmed with Jihadists. She has run on a platform for restoring French borders, shutting down extremist Mosques, and deporting Islamists. They call her the “Far right” candidate. In her travels during the campaign, she has even refused to wear the hijab in Muslim countries.

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After the Champs Elysees shooting by a jihadist, her chances of getting more votes may have improved.

Macron is for staying in the EU, and is being called the “French Obama.” Hardly a compliment.

Some are saying the choice between the two is clear for France…surrender the French culture with Macron or Fight for it with LePen.

Francois Fillon, the Conservative (not the same as our Conservatives) candidate who received around 19% of the vote,  immediately threw his weight behind Macron, telling France not to vote for LePen. The media in France has worked hard to place her on the outside of mainstream. (Sound familiar?)

The far left candidate, Jean-Luc Melenchon, with his close to 18%, has refused to endorse any candidate at this point.


Obama injected himself into their election by calling Emmanuel Macron to congratulate him, which is a big no no. Even Theresa May, the British Prime Minister made no comment, which was wise.

It was in poor taste. France’s main election is set for May 7. Neither a former nor current leader should go sticking their nose in before an actual President is elected. Donald Trump made one tiny comment, calling the French election “very interesting,” but not picking sides.

Antifa Protests

As with the United States, there are protesters who are unhappy about the candidates in the election. Three protesters were detained, as rioters burned cars, and “danced around bonfires.” Fortunately, no police were injured in the milieu. The protesters were described as Antifa, and were said to be against both LePen and Macron.

Thousands of French police were deployed for security at the 60,000 polling places across France.


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