Free Speech Tale of Two Cities: Post Falls v. Portland

A rally is slated in Post Falls June 24 to support the Trump agenda and conservative causes. (Dave Workman)

While Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler has pleaded to organizers of a “Trump Free Speech Rally” to call it off, exercising what some call social prejudice against the conservative effort, there has been no such appeal to organizers of planned “Spirit of America Rally” slated June 24.

The fact that this rally is scheduled in Post Falls, Idaho at a private facility might have a lot to do with it.

This rally is the second one this year, with the first having been held back in March with a turnout of about 500. The June 24 event is expected to attract 1,000 people.

The rally is being organized by Northwest Grassroots and the Spokane Patriots groups. In their announcement, they noted that Spirit of America rallies held on private property “can prevent people from protesting.”

That doesn’t appear to be what worries Mayor Wheeler. It’s been suggested that he is using a knife attack last week as an excuse to prevent the conservative rally from occurring in Portland.

Northwest Grassroots noted in its announcement that the upcoming event is aimed at showing support for President Donald Trump.

“His agenda helps American workers, rebuilds America’s competitiveness, boosts our growth and improves our standing in the world,” the announcement said. “Just look at what he accomplished this past week in the Middle East – astounding!”

The March 4 event drew an attendance of about 500, they estimated. June’s rally, to be held at the Greyhound Racetrack and Event center in Post Falls, could double that crowd. It also provides a safe venue. Organizers are asking for contributions to help finance such events.

Conservatives, and especially Trump supporters, are in the crosshairs of liberals, who seem to know no boundaries in displays of hatred disguised as free speech. Tuesday’s major misfire by comedian Kathy Griffin, holding what appeared to be the president’s severed head, drove the effort to a new low. Griffin has apologized, but that may not earn her any points.

President Trump reportedly tweeted that Griffin should be ashamed, and TMZ is reporting the president’s youngest son, Barron, apparently thought the photograph was real.

Then there is the concern about “Resistance Summer.” That’s a MoveOn.org effort designed to build opposition to “everything Trump.” Here’s a short look at their agenda:

  • In June, we’ll kick off the summer by gathering in fellowship for Community Cookouts. Getting neighbors and friends together builds relationships and community ties that make our readiness for action stronger and keep us invested for the long haul. They’re also an opportunity to lay out the opportunities for action in July and August and get folks excited to join you in action.
  • In July, we’ll demonstrate that the Resistance is building the power to win elections. We’ll come together for a Voter Contact day of action, where we’ll gain experience talking to voters in our communities about the issues that are important to them. We’ll gain valuable skills of having the conversations that make a difference in elections, and we’ll gather valuable information about the mood of voters where we live.
  • In August, when members of Congress are home for their month-long summer break, we’ll hold them accountable for their actions and make our demands clear at town hall meetings and other events.

What is missing from this is any recognition that conservatives might have a different agenda, and the White House may simply ignore whatever “demands” are announced. These congressional town hall meetings might attract a fair number of grassroots activists who will resist the resistance.

Portland’s mayor has, as reported earlier by Conservative Firing Line, asked people planning to attend the Trump Free Speech Rally to stay away from his city.

What if they decide not to abide by his wishes? Will police be ordered to “stand down” if anti-Trumpers and anarchists try to interfere?

They might get away with that in Portland, but try it in Post Falls and there might be a different outcome.



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