Fraud? A Hidden Agenda? Questions About Ahmed’s Clock (Videos)

 Ahmed’s clock …There are many things about the firestorm over a 14 year old’s so-called “invention” that do not ring true. So let’s examine a few of the questions that are being raised:

Was it a real “invention” or a fake? Maybe a fraud from the beginning?

Why the firestorm over a device that clearly looked suspicious? The “Islamophobe” agenda.

Is America headed for a recession?

Why didn’t the school or the police call the bomb squad immediately just on its appearance alone? Political correctness perhaps?

 ahmed's clock
Instructables.com shows how to build a cheap electronic detonator that is not much different than Ahmed’s “clock”

Why has the Mohamed family been so tight lipped and spent inordinate time in front of the cameras? CAIR and other Muslim organizations hopped on their bandwagon immediately. By design?  There’s an agenda.


Let’s start with the device itself. According to one inventor, Thomas Talbot, the so-called “clock” was nothing more than a digital alarm clock that had the case removed. But it was fabricated to look very much like the detonator for a bomb, with wires and a countdown face attached. If that is correct, if it is a fraud from the beginning, what was the agenda behind it? (See Mr. Talbot’s video below)

Did Ahmed’s father put him up to it?





















The kid and his “invention”

Understanding The Threat” revealed some important information on the incident:

Mohamed brought the device to school and left it plugged in to a wall outlet inside his classroom.  When the device began making noises – like the countdown to an alarm going off – the teacher became concerned. Mohamed responded to the teacher with a flippant and disrespectful tone, which did not provide any comfort to the teacher given the situation.  Once the device was examined, it was believed to be something dangerous, and the police were called.
When questioned by police, Mohamed was rude, disrespectful, and – most importantly – failed to tell police about the device or if any other such devices were in the school.  The police asked reasonable questions and Mohamed’s attitude gave them more, not less, concern. When police told Mohamed about the seriousness of the situation, he taunted them and continued to evade questioning.  So police arrested him in accordance with set policy which treats all suspects over the age of 12 in a similar manner.
So first, we have a 14 year old Muslim kid who is obnoxious and flippant when confronted about something that is making noises and looks like a bomb? But of course, the media is falling all over themselves to kiss up to the “poor Muslim boy” who is a “victim of racism.”
How did that happen? Ahmed’s father specifically told the police not to remove the handcuffs until Ahmed’s sister took a picture of him that way. Publicity seeking? The deliberate attempt to manipulate the press (that’s not difficult, they’ll believe anything except the truth).
Didn’t hear THAT little tidbit in the mainstream media, did you?
Jihadist agenda
CAIR, and the Irving Islamic Center have all rushed to stand with Ahmed. CAIR, as is public knowledge, is a front for Hamas, the terrorist organization. The Irving Islamic Center is  owned by NAIT- The North American Islamic Trust– which is the bank for the Muslim Brotherhood in North America, as well as a funding organization for Hamas.
Screenshot 2015-09-23 09.52.18
Screenshot from FBI Document
In this excerpt from a document written by Mohammad Akram in 1991, and obtained by the FBI, the agenda for cultural or civilization jihad is clearly defined:
Screenshot 2015-09-23 09.52.04
Screenshot from document written by a jihadist 
Conditioning – a deadly problem
If law enforcement, schools, media, and others are hit hard enough with the big “I’m a Muslim and you’re picking on me” agenda, they eventually stop responding properly to any threat. It’s almost a specific form of ptsd. It creates a scenario in which they are reluctant to do or say anything that goes against what the Muslims do or say.
It’s what might be termed as “preparation of the battlefield,” according to John Guandolo, a retired U.S. Marine, former FBI agent, and Counter-terrorism expert. Such conditioning is deadly to the safety of any community. The school has claimed it was responding to the device, not the student. Either way, the conditioning for them has been set.
Interestingly, it has also been noted that the family has refused to cooperate with local officials in Irving, ignoring requests for some records on Ahmed.
“We had tried to reach out to the family a number of times; this was before it ever even hit the papers on Wednesday. At the exact same time they were supposed to be meeting with us, they were on their front lawn with a press conference.”  Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne -Read about Mayor Van Duyne’s remarks in Joe Newby’s article here.
 As everyone tip-toes around the Muslims and their stealth jihad agenda, the potential for a complete disaster looms before us. Authorities and officials in all communities across the nation are at risk of failing their citizens when the time comes.  And make no mistake, that time will come.

This is the video from Thomas Talbot regarding the fraudulent nature of the “clock:”

Here is the video regarding the jihadist connections and agenda

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