Fox News boldly headlines story on Biden: ‘Puppet President?’

Is Joe Biden a puppet in chief? (Screen snip, C-SPAN)

Is Joe Biden the puppet master, or just the puppet being guided through press conferences and public appearances?

That’s a question now being raised by a Fox News headline Wednesday that reads “Biden again suggests he’s not calling the shots: ‘I’m supposed to stop and walk out’.”

According to reporter Brian Flood, Biden “continued his bizarre habit of implying his handlers call the shots from behind the scenes on Wednesday when he concluded remarks in honor of labor unions by saying what he was “supposed” to do.” It’s not the first time in recent days that Flood has reported on what appears to be Biden’s deteriorating capacity, noting in an earlier report, “The trend began with Biden’s first formal White House press conference as president in January. Following his remarks about his “Made in America” manufacturing initiative, a member of Biden’s staff was heard calling on specific reporters to ask their questions to the president, something that was similarly done during the 2020 presidential election and the transition period. However, the president has since escalated the practice and Biden has repeatedly suggested he’s not in the driver’s seat when it comes to handling the press.”

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Writing last month at TheGunMag.com, Lee Williams suggested that Biden’s actions are being guided by Susan Rice, Biden’s top advisor.

As noted by Fox News’ Flood, Biden has said “I’m not supposed to take any questions” following public statements. But he is the president, and he has publicly insisted “the buck” stops with him. He has also been candid about having been instructed to call on certain reporters, Flood noted.

It’s not just Fox News reporting on Biden’s behavior. The Daily Caller is also reporting that unidentified White House officials “have reportedly been muting” Biden during his public appearances “over anxiety the president might veer of course and speak unscripted.”

Perhaps the best example of this was during a CNN Townhall appearance when he acknowledged he has been trying to stop the sales of semi-auto rifles and 9mm pistols. The Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms both pounced on the remark, saying Biden’s off-the-cuff admission reveals the full intent of his gun control agenda.

At TheGunMag.com, Williams observed, “Biden’s declining cognitive skills have become blatantly obvious – fodder for late-night comics. He cannot complete a simple sentence unless he’s reading from a teleprompter. His handlers have tried to offer the excuse that Biden suffers from a stutter, but what’s wrong with Joe is far more serious than a speech impediment. Biden drifts off mid-sentence and appears to lose touch with reality. It’s happening far too often for comfort.

“In my humble opinion,” Williams adds a few lines later, “in the Biden-Harris Administration’s war against our guns, former Obama national security advisor and UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, who now serves as Biden’s domestic policy advisor, is clearly calling the shots. Rice has a staunch anti-gun pedigree, coupled with direct access to Biden – and Obama – and the means and ability to orchestrate the war against our God-given, constitutional rights.”

Biden is only seven months into the presidency, but he’s had nearly a half-century in Washington, D.C. to have established himself as a gaffe machine. But his comments cannot always be dismissed as gaffes, nor can his penchant for flubbing whole sentences or veering off into different subjects at mid-sentence be simply explained away as a speech pattern.

When the president says he has been instructed to not do something, the country takes notice. If someone else is actually calling the shots, that person or persons were not elected to public office, and the ship of state is being steered by someone only pretending to be captain.


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