Former Trump Employee, Native American Marine Stumps for Trump

Bee Jay Burke is a Native American who served in the US Marine Corps from 1989-1994. As a Marine and former Trump employee, she has some things to say that are contrary to the mainstream media narrative. She knew the real Donald Trump.

 trump employee

Navajo Nation

Bee Jay Burke of the Navajo clans [maternal] Toaheedliinii (water flows together) and [paternal] Taneeszahnii (tangled), is a member of the Navajo Nation.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

When she graduated from Shiprock high school in New Mexico, she said there were few job opportunities on the reservation, so she joined the Marine Corps.

The Navajo Nation has a proud history of serving in the United States Military – from the Code Talkers to present day. Bee Jay comes from a long line of Navajo Warriors in her own family.

She told us that she had no problems in recruit training, but that it was “an experience in and of itself” because it was the first time she encountered non-native peoples. She said she came into the Corps with a “Private Benjamin” mentality that was quickly dispelled.

“It was a good experience, but I wouldn’t want to go through it again.” Then she laughed.

Bee Jay was stationed at Camp Pendleton, and during her time of service was deployed to Japan during the time of the first Gulf War. By the time she left the Corps, she had a husband and a daughter, and was about to embark on a new path.

Trump Experience

Her husband decided to move to New York where he would take the NYPD test for police officer. Since New York is so expensive, she needed to find a job. She answered an ad for an assistant to the Trump Organization that was given to her by a Recruiter.

The day of her interview she wasn’t sure that it was with the real Trump organization. She just thought it was a company using his name… until she went to the 5th Avenue address and stood in front of Trump Tower. It wasn’t until she got to the 35th floor that she realized it was the real deal.

Afterwards, as she waited to hear back about the interview, it was suggested that she write the Trump organization a thank you letter.

And that’s how Bee Jay Burke became the assistant to the Vice President of Purchasing for Donald Trump.

“I was still pretty Rez then. I even mispronounced some words. All I had was my Marine Corps experience.”

The real Trump

“I saw him work day in and day out, and how he treated the women employees of his organization.You can have a fancy resume, but he looks for people deeper than what the media says. He looks for something that sets people apart from everyone else. And he treats his employees well.”

On occasion she’d fill in for the receptionist at Trump Tower. On one occasion, she forgot to push the security buzzer that let people into the building. When Donald Trump bumped into the glass door because she forgot to push the button, he just waited until she pushed it for him.

“He didn’t say anything, just ‘thank you’  ‘good morning,’ and ‘how’s your day?”

Bee Jay also says that Trump is very aware, that details don’t escape him. When he saw a smudge in the corner of a glass window, he didn’t throw a fit, just asked her calmly to call up the window washers and have them redo the job he paid them to do.

“That’s how aware he is.”

When she and one of his chauffeurs were sitting with some security guards one day, Trump came in and said “let’s go.” For some reason she told us she and the chauffeur thought he was talking to them too. They all got in the elevator together and he didn’t say anything.

He didn’t say “no, you can’t go.”

They arrived at the place where he was to hold a press conference with Diana Ross, who had an album coming out. He introduced her to Ms. Ross, and Bee Jay even got an autograph.

She found him to be a loyal person — if a famous friend got in trouble he would wait for “justice” to take its turn. And she says he is most certainly not racist.

“He never once talked down to me, and he never called me “Pocohantas.” I know him well enough to know that if he makes a mistake, it will never happen again. And he will hold people accountable for things.”

She likes Donald Trump for his stand on illegal immigration and the drug trafficking that takes place often at the border. She likes his commitment to law enforcement. Her ex-husband and the father of her daughter is an NYPD officer, and she worries about his safety.

She loves Trump’s continual support for the military.


Bee Jay supports his campaign and is hopeful that he will win.  she left his organization in 1996 when she had to relocate back to New Mexico for personal reasons.

She told us the Navajo nation has issues with corruption as well. And she is hoping that Trump will work to hold them accountable.

The Gold King Mine Spill and the Dakota Access Pipeline

Then with the Gold King Mine disaster caused by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), no one was fired even after they contaminated the water of the entire region.

“Where was the outrage then? When our grazing land, our agriculture were contaminated? If the government can’t hold the EPA accountable for that, what makes anyone think  they will do anything for the Dakota Access Pipeline?”

She sees the pipeline as something that will ultimately go in anyway.

“Obama is just stalling. It’s a decision with no decision.They’ll just wait it out until the protesters leave- they’ll let the pipeline through. It’s on private land, not on the reservation. I hope it comes to a peaceful resolution. We don’t want to add more injury to the relationship between Native Americans and Corporate America.”

Bee Jay is a sharp lady Marine who has a unique perspective on the issues. She has spoken for some venues as an advocate for Donald J. Trump, and wants him to win the election. Semper Fi, Bee Jay!

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