Former Planned Parenthood Director: PPH Paid Bounty for Babies

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Obama-Planned-Parenthood-20131Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson spills the beans on the PPH body snatchers.  PPH was so anxious for revenue from selling aborted baby body parts that they would pay a bounty to employees who convinced women to let them sell their babies.

This is not the first time Abby Johnson has revealed that PPH was committing Medicaid fraud by charging the government (taxpayers) for prescriptions and services never rendered.  PPH Texas was forced to reimburse the government 4.3 million even though some estimated the fraud at six million.

Johnson was a proud member of the PPH until in 2009, she decided to watch an ultrasound abortion.  She was horrified.  She could no longer think of the unborn as merely a fetus and quit her lucrative job at PPH to join a right to life group.

She said that employees were given a bounty that ranged from five dollars to twenty dollars, depending on the value of the baby. (Age, weight, state of development)  Once a woman signed the abortion agreement, they were hit up about donating their baby to science:

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