Former London mayor: 7/7 terrorists ‘gave their lives’ in protest, Tony Blair to blame

livingstoneAppearing on BBC Thursday, former London Mayor Ken Livingstone excused the terrorists responsible for the 2005 London terrorist attack, reduced that deadly terror attack to a mere “protest” and took a page from Barack Obama, blaming the whole mess on former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

“Go and look what they put on their website. They did those killings because of our invasion of Iraq,” he said of al-Qaeda. “They gave their lives, they said what they believed, they took Londoners’ lives in protest against our invasion of Iraq.”

And, he added, “we were lied to by Tony Blair about Iraq, there were no weapons of mass destruction.”

But as our own Steven H. Ahle reported earlier this year, weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq.  Ahle said that the CIA was “even able to buy 400 Borak rockets filled with pure Sarin gas,” a very deadly nerve agent.

Moreover, Victor Davis Hanson, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, said the liberal mantra of “Bush lied” about WMDs was, in itself, an abject lie, one that Livingstone apparently seems willing to recycle.

The Daily Caller added:

Other BBC panelists took issue with Livingstone’s remarks. Comedian and former Labour political adviser Matt Forde said, “This idea that you can absolve the people that killed those innocent Londoners by blaming Tony Blair is shameful.

“Blame it on the people who carried out the atrocity.”

Conservative cabinet office minister Matt Hancock stated that Livingstone allowed the Islamic State “off the hook” for terrorist acts, while Kate Andrews, of the Adam Smith Institute, told Livingstone he was “accepting their excuses.” Other Labour MPs criticized Livingtone’s remarks on Twitter.

Video of Livingstone’s comments can be seen below:

Fifty-two people were killed in the 7/7/2005 protest attack.


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