Former Army Medical Center Pharmacist Praises Vegas Shooter

A former William Beaumont Army Medical Center employee has been caught praising Stephen Paddock, who committed the horrific attack that killed 59 and injured at least 520 others at the Las Vegas music festival on Sunday night.

The William Beaumont Army Medical Center former employee, Destiny Black, also known as Destiny Polite on a separate Facebook page, was a pharmacist at the facility, posted a comment on her page that said, “That old man should get an award… he mowed down 50 orange hitler supporters… 50 less domestic terrorists! Amen.”

Former Army Medical Center Pharmacist Praises Vegas Shooter

Several citizens messaged the William Beaumont Army Medical Center about Destiny Black concerning the comments.

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William Beaumont Army Medical Center Public Affairs responded and said:

We would like our beneficiaries to know that we understand your concerns regarding an individual who has expressed ideas and values of which do not represent the Army Values, and our mission and vision. This individual has long been gone from our ranks as an employee, and unfortunately, this individual’s social media status continues to mention our hospital as an affiliation.

We at William Beaumont Army Medical Center always place patient care first, along with the Army Values of L.D.R.S.H.I.P. which stand for Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. The same values apply to our civilian workforce of which we are very proud of the hard work they do.

We want to thank everyone for bringing their concerns to us and we ask that all comments, tags, and mentions regarding this issue be deleted, because we want to focus our attention on the hard work and good deeds all our Soldiers and civilians do.

In the future, if anyone ever has any issue with any employee, an ICE comment is always the best way to voice your concern. If you feel you received inadequate care, you can directly contact our Patient Experience office at 742-2692. If you feel threatened in anyway or if you feel someone has made a threat against any person or place, please call your local authorities to report it.

We are committed to achieving Readiness through patient friendly access to high quality healthcare, every moment, every encounter, every day.

Black who still has her employer listed as William Beaumont Army Medical Center and claims to be an Army veteran has not apologized and further posted derogatory statements on her page.

In one post, she said, “Lol at all the mad Orange Hitler supporters! Y’all big mad or nah?!! I’ma [sic] still talk my ???? bi*ches!”

She then went on to say, in response for a Facebook friend that said not today, she replied, “So many white tears lol y’all are such victims cthu.”

In the days since the Las Vegas attack, police have been searching for a motive behind Paddock’s shooting rampage.

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