Food Loaf: PC Pennsylvania Gives In to Most Dangerous Convicts

The now outlawed food loaf. (Youtube)
The now outlawed food loaf. (Youtube)

Food loaf now verboten in the slammer…

There was a period of time in American history when prison was actually an unpleasant place to call home. That was then, this is now.

And, yes — Barack Obama’s behind a nation-wide movement to “make the criminal justice system more fair and effective,” ie: make prison a friendlier, more accepting space.

As reported by the news portal, and also, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) has made the decision to cease and desist serving their culinary curiosity dubbed “the food loaf.”’s reporter Jan Murphy uses her best PC-speak  when describing murderers, rapists and kidnappers who’ve been sentenced to solitary confinement are actually  inmates who now reside in “restricted housing” because the poor dears have been deemed as those “who misbehave.”

But I digress. The worse of the worst sentenced to “restrictive housing” will no longer be fed the much maligned food loaf, consisting of rice, raw potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and oatmeal all cooked as one hunger-busting, nutritious meal.

According to the Keystone State’s DOC Chief Assistant Den Mother Executive Deputy Secretary Shirley Moore Smeal;

“It is a national agenda item, a national movement that has the support of President Obama who called on the [Department of Justice] to look at the overuse of restrictive housing and his review of how other countries and prison systems operate.”

Moore Smeal has commented that  bouncing food loaf from the menu for those in solitary has largely gone unnoticed. As reported, “She has heard neither complaints nor favorable comments about it from inmates or staff.”

Perhaps just a question of marketing, food loaf is actually considered quite the delicacy in different cultures. Case in point;

  • Quinoa Atamalada – a pre-Spanish traditional food of the South American Incas. Made of the quinoa seed, potatoes, chilis, and corn. The loaf is still widely eaten in present day Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia.
  • Roasted Nut Loaf – long a Christmas favorite in England, the dish is made from a number of nuts, grains, rice, and various aromatics such as onions, leeks, and garlic.
  • Black-Eyed Peas Loaf – Originating in the American South, this particular food consists of black-eyed peas, rolled oats, cornmeal, onion and bell pepper.


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