Follow-up: Northwest gun banners have huge credibility problem

Gun prohibition groups seeking to ban semi-auto rifles have a credibility problem. (Dave Workman photo)
Gun prohibition groups seeking to ban semi-auto rifles have a credibility problem. (Dave Workman photo)

When two gun prohibition lobbying groups announced Wednesday they will push to ban so-called “assault weapons” through legislation next year, they have a huge credibility problem underscored by FBI crime data, polling by a national law enforcement group and a recent Wall Street Journal editorial.

Washington Ceasefire and Ceasefire Oregon are now teamed to outlaw semi-automatic sport-utility rifles and large capacity magazines.

Gun banners don’t care about differing opinions, and don’t want to hear them. Witness Thursday’s opinion piece by anti-gun Seattle Times columnist Jerry Large. Headlined “With bloodshed mounting, the time is right to ban military-style weapons,” the newspaper cut off public comment after only two comments were posted, both opposing Large’s position.

He identifies Washington Ceasefire as a “gun-safety organization.” In reality, it is a gun prohibition group, as noted by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. With a push to ban an entire class of firearms, CCRKBA said yesterday, the organization is “out of the closet.” They can no longer hide behind the façade of “gun safety” or even “gun control,” despite the Seattle Times’ attempt to mask their intent.

In mid-June, the Wall Street Journal noted that Bill Clinton’s ten-year ban on some semi-automatic weapons was a failure. The newspaper correctly noted that “the percentage of murders committed with rifles today (2% in 2014) is less than the 3% in the last year of the ban.” That is easily confirmed by merely looking at the FBI Uniform Crime reports for the three most recent years available, 2012-2014. Rifles are involved in a fraction of homicides, and account for far fewer criminal fatalities than knives, fists or blunt objects. In 2014, rifles were identified as the murder weapon in 248 of the 11,961 homicides. In 2013, according to the FBI data, 285 rifles were used in the 12,253 recorded homicides. In 2012, rifles were identified as the murder weapon in only 322 of the 12,765 reported homicides.

A 2013 survey of thousands of law enforcement officers and command staff by PoliceOne.com revealed the following:

Seventy-one percent of the 14,642 respondents said a federal ban on the manufacture and sale of firearms dubbed “assault weapons” would have no impact on reducing violent crime.

More than 95 percent said a ban on the manufacture and sale of magazines holding more than 10 rounds would have no effect on reducing violent crime.

When it comes to laws prohibiting private non-dealer firearms transfers, 79.7 percent said this would also have no impact on violent crime.

And when it comes to creating a national database to track all legal gun sales, 70 percent oppose the idea.

Yesterday’s New York Times carried a story from the Philadelphia Democratic convention that declared “Democrats again see gun control as a winning issue.” In that story, the NYTimes said “a string of mass shootings involving high-powered weapons, rising anxiety about domestic terrorism, and killings of and by police officers, have emboldened Democrats.”

Translation: Gun grabbers, as they are called by nationally-recognized Second Amendment advocate Alan Gottlieb, exploit tragedy and atrocity to press their gun prohibition agenda. That much came through in a comment quoted by Large in his Seattle Times column.

Washington Ceasefire President Ralph Fascitelli told the columnist, “The truth is, everybody in the gun-safety movement has to be an opportunist.”

Large subsequently observed, “Getting Olympia’s support requires taking advantage of public sentiment while it is passionate.

Two years ago, Gottlieb co-authored “Dancing in Blood: Exposing the Gun Ban lobby’s Playbook to Destroy Your Rights.” It was a detailed look at the gun prohibition lobby’s agenda and strategy guides for mounting campaigns to erode gun rights of millions of law-abiding Americans.

That gun control strategy appears to be in play now.


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