What Should Be Feared About Ebola…It’s NOT What You Think

flights final cover“My ‘Larger Role’ is my obligation to make sure Africans are safe.”

So says Barack Hussein Obama but what he does NOT get is that his role…his ONLY role…is to keep ‘We the People’ and America safe. And this is a role he has failed at time and again…and his newest failure is deliberately NOT stopping Ebola from entering our country.

Now as most of you know when it comes to Ebola my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andresen and I are NOT alarmists…we do NOT believe that a handful of cases here in America a pandemic makes, as we know that Ebola is NOT indigenous to the U.S. for Ebola exists and thrives in filth, unsanitary conditions, and abject poverty…hallmarks of the countries of West Africa. And we also know that this current round of Ebola will…like all previous rounds of Ebola…burn itself out in due time only to return again. Ebola is NOT new…it was just named ‘Ebola’ in 1976…and has existed in that part of the world for countless years but called by different names. And with living conditions there today really NO different than they were a millennia ago the virus has a medium in which to thrive.

flights3 doctors treating ebola patientHowever, if one does contract Ebola there’s only a 50/50 chance of survival…NOT very good odds at all. So, with those odds it makes perfect sense to try and keep Ebola ‘over there’ and NOT have it come ‘over here.’ To that effect many are rightfully calling for the suspending of all flights both in and out of West Africa to prevent Ebola from gaining a foothold in our country. Remember, with Ebola NOT being indigenous to our country, the only way the virus can gain a foothold is to have an Ebola infected person bring it here…bring it here by NOT telling airport officials in their home countries that they were either already infected (but asymptomatic at that point) or exposed to someone having the virus, then board a plane for America…knowingly and deliberately bringing this little nasty with them…as did Thomas Eric Duncan… ground zero of Ebola in America.

flights7 ebola screening airportsSo logic would dictate that a travel ban…as in temporarily suspending all flights to these known ‘hot zones’…would be the easiest way to stop Ebola from coming here…logical thinking that Obama ignores insisting that he will have NO part in flight suspensions. Instead he will place ‘screeners’ in Ebola ridden countries and in five major U.S airports, shove a thermometer in someone’s mouth both before they board a U.S. bound flight and again when they deplane here, and then based on the numbers seen that person will either be declared Ebola free or NOT. Based on numbers that really mean nothing, as it can take up to 21 days for symptoms to present, so pray tell how is taking someone’s temperature going to show if they’re incubating the virus or NOT. In fact, the only definitive way to know that a person is NOT infected is for them to be placed in quarantine for those afore mentioned 21 days…and we know that’s something this president will NEVER allow…after all these are his ‘brethren’ you know.

flights4 screenersAnd the reality is that someone in the early stages of the disease can fool the ‘screeners’ by taking a fever reducer before heading for the airport and then fly into one of the hundreds of other U.S. airports that do NOT have ‘screeners’…adding to the ludicrousness of ‘screeners’ stopping Ebola. And the use of ‘screeners’ is currently Obama’s sole strategy for combating Ebola…from stopping Ebola gaining that foothold in our country.

Laughable at best…more like cleverly crafted stealth jihad if you ask me.

Stealth jihad via Ebola…and while obviously NOT as in-your-face as bombings, crucifixions, and beheadings …it’s still as dangerous or even more so for stealth jihad creeps silently into the populace before they even know what hit them. And stealth jihad comes in many guises including Obama’s infamous pen, which he used in 2010 to issue an Executive Order doing away with a CDC quarantine proposal that specifically addressed diseases like Ebola.

flights5 more screenersAnd this is the same CDC that people today are criticizing for inactions against Ebola…the same CDC who proposed a comprehensive and very workable set of regulations regarding how to prevent those from ‘hot zones’ bringing and spreading deadly diseases in the US. First proposed in 2005 during George W. Bush’s administration to help stop the spread of avian flu (the H1N1virus), Bush in conjunction with the CDC tried to initiate a protocol that would grant the federal government the power of a so-called ‘provisional quarantine’ that would allow for the involuntarily confinement of airline passengers…for up to three days…if they exhibited symptoms of certain infectious diseases like smallpox, yellow fever, diphtheria, pandemic flu, infectious tuberculosis, cholera…and YES…Ebola.

flights 3 ebola peopleAnd this protocol would have made it in the best interest of airline officials to voluntarily inform the CDC about sick passengers, and to also voluntarily supply information about all passengers in the event the CDC needed to investigate an ongoing disease outbreak, a suspected disease outbreak, or to prepare for an expected disease outbreak.

But airline lobbyists…good little liberals that they are…opposed the proposed regulations saying they would be too expensive to implement, and the civil liberties kumbaya do-gooders joined in the fray claiming said regulations would infringe upon individual rights…leaving the proposed regulations to languish and go nowhere. But in 2010, under the now new president, the CDC tried to resurrect the proposal, but Obama…true to his goal of imploding America from within…Executive Ordered it out of existence…quietly insinuating that the proposal had racial overtones to it since, for the most part, the regulations addressed people coming here from Africa.

And with some now panicking over the few Ebola cases here in the U.S., the thing people should really be concerned about is something Obama wants desperately to be kept hidden…and it’s the fact that the Ebola virus is actually classified as a biosafety level 4 agent, as well as a Category A bioterrorism agent by the CDC. This means that under the ‘right conditions’ Ebola could possibly… and I only say possibly…be weaponized…if the fact that the virus quickly becomes ineffective in open air (meaning in an oxygen-rich environment) could somehow be overcome.

And it already has been in highly controlled laboratory environments…but shhh… don’t tell anybody.

flights ebola in the labHowever, the virus…if it could be secured by an enemy or by someone ‘planted’ in the labs of the countries that have stockpiles of the virus…could be used for small-scale attacks by taking a certain amount of active virus and inserting it (embedded in a bodily fluid mixture of sorts) into small bombs that, when detonated, would spray said active virus 30 feet or more…possibly infecting people as it contacted their faces, cuts, or their hands that they then touch their eyes, nose, or mouth with.

But the easiest way to weaponize Ebola is in a way I’m sure has NOT escaped the minds of Obama and his ilk…and by his ilk I mean those whose allegiance is to al-Qaeda, ISIS, Khorasan, and/or the likes of the anything but moderate rebel groups like the Free Syrian Army…and that is to ‘recruit’ people for Ebola suicide missions…to become martyrs for allah. Such a plan would involve injecting the virus into volunteers who would then leave before becoming symptomatic…and that could happen as Obama’s ‘screeners’ and their thermometers are a joke at best. Those volunteers would lay low until symptoms appeared, then venture into the public to vomit or bleed on others in the hopes of infecting them. And while this mode of transmission would NOT kill thousands it would set panic in motion as those who did become infected would then unwittingly infect others who then would infect even more and so on down the line…with the end result being Ebola now has a foothold in America.

flights ebola and terror signAnd truly something to be concerned about is if an enemy chose this method they would need just a few martyrs who would NOT even have to travel to the U.S., but who could go instead to Central America or to Mexico and infect those populations…populations we know Obama willingly lets cross our unsecured borders…stealth jihad against America with the martyrs actually NOT having to get their own hands dirty. Stealth jihad…the way enterovirus entered our country courtesy of our unsecured borders…and we know what that little nasty has done to some of America’s children.

So, the bottom line is that the way to stop Ebola from gaining a foothold in our country is NOT to panic over a handful of cases that originated from Thomas Eric Duncan, but to insist…demand…implore that first, Barack HUSSEIN Obama order ALL flights in and out of West Africa be immediately halted; second, that our southern border be immediately NOT just secured but locked completely down; and third, that those regulations that Obama EO’d out of existence be immediately resurrected and put in place, because whether he wants to accept it or NOT, the truth is that ‘We the People’ and America…NOT Africa or Africans…are indeed his prime responsibility…and if Barack HUSSEIN Obama does NOT want to abide by and uphold the oath of office that he swore to then it’s high time Congress impeach his sorry traitorous ass.

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