Float depicting Obama and Hillary in jail cell called racist, most disagree

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Obama and Hillary in a jail cell on float
Float showing Obama and Hillary in jail. Screengrab: KXXV

A float that was part of a Tri-State Parade in Texas was lambasted by some as racist, KXXV reported Monday.  The reason?  It depicted Barack Obama and current Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton in a jail cell.

According to KXXV:

A picture of the float was submitted to NewsChannel 10 by a viewer. In the photo, a man wearing a President Obama mask is shown waving to the crowd as the float passes by.

The Obama look-a-like is also barricaded inside a makeshift prison alongside a faux Hillary Clinton.

The photo circulated through Facebook over the weekend with some users believing the message was racist.

“A lot of people in the black and Hispanic community are saying, ‘why would you put a black man in a cage?’,” Amarillo resident Rodney Darnes said. “The fact that Hillary is in the float only sets the women’s movement further back.”

KXXV said the float was organized by a group called Stars and Bars, which happens to be the name of the actual Confederate flag, and rode along side the Confederate Riders of America.  The float, they said, was a political message, but not racist.

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“It was in no way racist,” Michael Bateman, president of the Confederate Riders of America, told KXXV. “There was a sign right next to them that said ‘Hillary for prison, 2016. We had no racial intentions at all.”

Here’s a video report, courtesy of KXXV:

KXXV-TV News Channel 25 – Central Texas News and Weather for Waco, Temple, Killeen |

The station also posted a poll, asking viewers if they thought the float was offensive.

Here’s the result of that poll:

Reaction was pretty much what you’d expect:



While most liked the float, one person didn’t think it should have been in the parade:

Then where, pray tell, should the float have been?


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