Flashback: Newsweek declared Obama an ‘anchor baby’

Barack_Obama_on_the_Daily_Show_July_21,_2015We’re now told that the term “anchor baby” is racist because Donald Trump is using it.  But it turns out that a couple months before declaring Barack Obama “god of all things,” (yes, they really did, and you can see the cover here) the reliably liberal Newsweek called Obama an “anchor baby.”

But since he was (and still is) their messiah, no one dared call them racist.  On September 3, 2010, Newsbusters’ Brent Baker wrote:

In a list of famous Americans with a parent (or both) born in another country, the un-bylined last page “Back Story” of this week’s Newsweek listed “BARACK OBAMA (Kenyan Father)” on the page headlined: “What’s So Scary About an ‘Anchor Baby’?”

Wait, what?  Oh yes, it happened, just as Baker reported.

He added:

An “anchor baby” is a child born to parents in the U.S. illegally, so is the magazine suggesting that Obama’s father, as well as parents of the 32 others in their list, were all illegal aliens at the time of the births of their famous offspring? Talk about flinging scurrilous allegations and encouraging the “birther” crowd.

Here’s a picture Newsweek posted:

obama anchorbaby

A post at the Right Scoop correctly notes:

Isn’t it weird that conservative Newsbusters seems to be more sensitive to the racist “slur” than Newsweek was in 2010? It just shows how stupidly the politically correct police changes from year to year, and why it’s not worth pursuing.

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Wierd?  Perhaps.  It’s how liberals roll.  It is hypocritical, and it shows a level of arrogance on their part.  Did they not think this would be found out?  Or do they think that everyone is as gullible as they are?

You decide.

H/T The Right Scoop


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