Flashback: Blacks call for slavery, death to white people, including babies — Video

racists2I’m surprised I missed this.  Last July, a video was posted of a group calling themselves “Hebrew Israelites” — better known as the “Blackboro Baptist Church” — telling white people they would become slaves to blacks.  They also attacked Asians using a slur I haven’t heard since the 1970s.

The rhetoric was ramped up several times, with calls for death to white people — including babies.  Of course, it’s not the first time we’ve heard that from militant blacks.  A post at Top Right News described it this way:

“Mere ‘harrassment’ doesn’t come close to describing the verbal terrorism in which these creeps engage, as they make specific threats of violence and mayhem against those they attack.”

Here’s the video…

A post at Wounded American Warrior called them “the most racist group in the United States.”

And liberals like to harp on “white privilege” and the Confederate battle flag…




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