Flag Burning Protester Attempts to Justify His Actions After FedEx Driver Intervenes

Flag Burning Protester Attempts to Justify His Actions After FedEx Driver IntervenesOn Thursday, a small number of people gathered at a rally in front of the pedestrian mall in Iowa to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline, and were burning the American flag and a video surfaced of a FedEx employee jumping in and grabbing the flags, putting out the flames with a fire extinguisher.

Kelli Ebensberger, 21, of Iowa City, and Paul Osgerby, 23, of Ames, were arrested for open burning, a misdemeanor in Iowa.

Although the right to burn the American flag is protected under the First Amendment and as the news of the FedEx Driver intervention and the arrests spread, Paul Osgerby, one of the two arrested, found that not everyone praised his actions and they took to his Facebook page.

Osgerby praised his actions while others pointed out that he and the others may have the First Amendment right to burn the flag, but doing so dishonors those who served to protect this nation, something Osgerby ignored.

As one veteran told Osgerby on his Facebook page:

“That’s funny when I look at you I just see a coward. Jim are you stupid? That’s my name. My name is Samuel but I’ve been called Sammy and Sambo by friends (of all races), family and the kids I coached. All my life. I’m 50. I guess those people are racists too? Lol

That is yet another great example of why you weak pathetic people lost. You’re too damn stupid to accept a simple name without passing judgement. You have no legit rookie, so you pick a name or a typo to call out because you are too weak to find a credible argument. . Lol it sounds racist to you because you want it to. That’s not reality that is delusional libitard land.

Why we won. You’re pretty worthless if you’re going to disrespect the flag. I’m not surprised.

A bunch of weak betta male burning something that represents something they’d never have the courage to defend. I hope more vets beat you people to a pulp. You deserve. What’s cool about it your too weak to defend yourselves. Lol… Find yourselves a gun free safe zone. It seems I’ve trigger you weak sucks lol.

I served 10 years 2 deployments infantry paratrooper I didn’t serve 10 years to put up with that kind of disrespect from non-serving cowry spineless sh*t like you.

The reason? You burn the flag is because you’re too scared to do anything else. Thinking you make people mad by hiding behind your “rights” is all you can do. When reality in the form of some angry vet, punches you in the face all you’ll do is whine and maybe get it too court. Those days are coming to an end. Welcome to reality where your actions and words have consequences. I’m sure it’s a big shock for some of you pathetic spoiled brats.”

Osgerby, stated, “I was not arrested. There is a difference between citation and arrest. Please learn this difference before spouting off empty alt-right threats.”

As a result, Veterans in Iowa City will be patrolling the streets on Saturday and plan to stop all flag burning they run across and plan to confiscate those flags that are being used to not support this nation and veterans.

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