The fix was in: The ObamaCare ruse and numbers that lie

enrollment ends march 31st“There will be additional challenges to implementing the law.”
– Barack HUSSEIN Obama on announcing that ObamaCare met its enrollment deadline numbers

My, my how convenient is this…7.1 million Americans have signed up for ObamaCare by the March 31st deadline and they only needed 7 million to do so. So it seems they added in the .1 for extra good measure I guess.

Like we didn’t know that would happen…just like Obama winning the election in 2012 before the first vote was even cast. The fix was in from day one…or in this case from the October 1st launch date of the anything but functioning HealthCare.gov enrollment website.

The needed numbers…covering enrollments in both private health care plans via HealthCare.gov and enrollments in the individual websites offered by 14 states and the District of Columbia…were ‘supposedly’ met with a website still NOT totally functioning and still without security or a payment portal to make your payments to because one hasn’t been built yet…the needed numbers were met even though most enrolling went on Medicaid…the needed numbers were met by counting duplicates and incomplete applications…the needed numbers were met by…well you get my drift.

Now let’s get this straight…as in the truth for a change…7.1 million Americans did NOT enroll in ObamaCare…7.1 million Americans might have signed onto the HealthCare.gov website but signing onto the site to peruse the exchanges does NOT a purchase make, especially when there’s NO portal to make one’s payments to. NO premiums paid means the individual will be in for a rude awakening when they go to the doctor and find out they do NOT have the insurance they thought they bought.

And so the joys that are the hallmark of the failure known as ObamaCare continue on.

cancelledAnd let’s NOT forget the 6+ million Americans who lost the insurance they were happy with and could afford due to their policies being cancelled for NO other reason than NOT meeting ObamaCare’s self-anointed ridiculous coverage standards. So even if the ObamaCare released numbers were true…which we know they are NOT…that would equate to an actual wash…meaning that for all intents and purposes a breaking even has occurred for the number of those who lost their insurance equates near to the number of those now purchasing insurance…tit-for-tat and NOTHING more.

Now comes the details…trumpeting the first open enrollment period as a major success for NOT only meeting but surpassing the 7 million projected by the Congressional Budget Office needed to make ObamaCare viable, one has to wonder just how many of the previously uninsured actually are now insured…and true to form NO one knows at this time as the Obama administration will NOT release those numbers. But independent sources are claiming that only 27% of those who have secured a plan through the ObamaCare exchanges were previously uninsured. And only 53% of that 27% paid their first premium (I wonder how they did that when there’s NO payment portal in operation) when 86% of those folks paid their premiums when previously insured. And this is a biggie…4.5 million previously uninsured have now signed up for Medicaid in states that expanded that program under ObamaCare…and guess who ultimately picks up that bill…we taxpayers do.

NOT good folks…NOT good at all.

juggling the booksNow you know why Obama will NOT release any numbers as jugging the books has become a fine art for this administration…paper shifting of figures at its best…on par with juggling the numbers of the monthly jobs figures in their favor.

More details…after all the devil’s in the details…details like even after one has eventually paid their initial premium there is still NO guarantee that the following months premiums will be met by those enrolled. And how will ObamaCare be sustained when a good percentage of those signing on to ObamaCare are Medicaid enrollees…meaning the government pays for their healthcare with our tax dollars and they pay NOTHING…as they happily become Democratic voters in the process. And what about the percentage of actual enrollees who are young and healthy being lower than the numbers needed to continue to fund this abomination.

So how pray tell can Jay Carney say words to the affect that “No one expected us to come back from the brink…but we have.” How can his words have any modicum of truth to them…but hey…Carney’s words fit well into this administration’s reputation for…dare I say it…LIES!

obamacare signup lineLIES…LIES told that on the last day open to enroll one million Americans ‘suddenly’ out of the blue decided en-masse to turn on their computers and click onto HealthCare.gov to sign-up…LIES told about people deciding at the last minute to dial into call centers…and LIES told about folks at the last minute deciding to stand in long lines at assistance sites all across the country. One million Americans without health insurance just happened to do all this on the last enrollment day…the exact one million number short just the day before.

Odd isn’t it…sarcastically said.

opinion of obamacareAnd these out-and-out LIES and hiding of ObamaCare’s true numbers are the bane of the party loyal for why else are party members rushing to propose fixes as they increasingly distance themselves from this nightmare of an anything but health care plan and from the man whose name it bears. And with the mid-term elections looming large, the Democrats up for re-election know damn well that yesterday’s bravado and pats on the back are NOTHING but show, for the truth about the sign-ups and the cost factors involved in sustaining this nightmare NOT to mention what it will do to the medical industry as a whole, still threatens to overshadow any initial victory Obama declares as ObamaCare remains unpopular across the board. And knowing that the Republicans will keep hammering non-stop at all the law’s inherent flaws, the Democrats know that the disaster that is ObamaCare will help Republicans win back the Senate in a big way.

So hurry up November 4th for on that day both America and ‘We the People’ win and Barack HUSSEIN Obama finally loses…and as the saying goes, “payback is indeed a b*tch.”


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