Five reasons bombing Syria is a good thing

SyriaIn the aftermath of bombing Syria, the country is realigned either for or against President Trump. There are Trump supporters against and never-Trumpers for the strike. If you’re lost on what to think, it serves you right for subordinating your opinions to talking head heroes.

So lets go through this methodically and see if you agree with the five reason why bombing Syria is a great move:

1. Syria launches chemical weapons on civilians because (oh? I thought Russia confiscated them after the last strike, what happened to that?) well, who’s going to stop him? Well, you just lost an airfield Mr. Asaad, what else do you want to lose? Does anyone think we’ll see a chemical attack again, really, is that likely to happen?

2. Russia: They’re stupid. Their leadership doesn’t care about ruffling feathers with the US while risking a nuclear conflict. So we put up with them because,well, you want to go nuclear? The very threat of nuclear conflict gives Russia carte-blanche to annex countries on their border while giving Assad license to gas civilians. Stupidity is an effective weapon. Let’s be stupid.

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3. It’s a political win. The strike nullifies the ridiculous obsession Democrats have with the idea that Trump and Putin hacked the election because Putin prefers Trump over Hillary. How far do they want to go with this now?

4. Talk about stupid. You think China likes this? Think of the chutzpah of launching a military strike while Trump is hosting the Chinese leader in his Florida resort. Now China thinks we’re stupid and they may want to carefully consider being stupid themselves. Word to China: don’t be stupid.

5. While we’re on the discussion of China, Trump wants to employ the Chinese to put pressure on North Korea, but if they don’t, that’s fine. Trump says he’ll just go it alone. Previously China could have thought that would be stupid and being stupid will risk a conflict with them. Well China, I think you should do something about North Korea or at the very least, just get out of the way if we do something without you. We’re stupid that way. In fact, given the timing, this may have more to do with North Korea than the Middle East.


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