First Batch Of Wikileaks Obama Emails Raise More Questions About Rigged Elections


The Wikileaks emails have revealed a lot about what kind of malfeasance and corruption have been plaguing our government for more than just the past few administrations. Hillary has been at the center of the controversy until now. Today the first, of what looks like will be many, emails connecting the commander in chief to the controversy was released. And it raises a lot of questions about just who wins elections and how.

Breitbart reported this.

The top email in today’s leak contains a message from John Podesta about a potential invitation from President George W. Bush to the “President-Elect.” Podesta sent the email while votes were still being cast on November 4th.

The emails show a transition plan being worked on before the 2008 election had taken place. According to an attached memo in one of the emails, Obama was already discussing his transition to office with members of the Bush Administration, including then-Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, prior to the election.

As you have observed in your interactions with Secretary Paulson, he is apparently eager to involve you and your transition team extensively in his policy choices following the election.

So, why is a “candidate” assuming he needs a “transition” team/plan before the polls close, you ask? … Good question. Another question: What’s not normal about those times, in 2008?

We are now at the point of deciding how to staff economic policy during the transition, who should be the point of contact with Treasury and how to blend the transition and campaign economic policy talent.

Normally these decisions could be made after the election, and ideally after the selection of a National Economic Advisor, but, of course, these are not normal times.

Is this jumping of the gun just a little over zealous, egotistical wishful thinking or is it something more? Maybe The Donald knows something the rest of us don’t, about rigged elections. Maybe there’s a reason why he won’t acquiesce to “go-along” with the election results. Maybe someone should be questioning why Obama pushed his way into the White House before the election official handed him the keys to the kingdom.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?


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