Finland: Forget about Joe Six-Pack, meet Juuso Thousand-Pack

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Finland’s 1,000 pack of beer. (Twitter)

If environmentalists flip-out over the plastic holder for the innocuous six-pack, imagine the Chernobyl-like melt-down regarding the inevitable discarded 48″ x 40″ pallets carelessly left strewn about America’s beaches, parks, and Irish Wakes.

As reported by the United Press International via, the Finnish brewery Nokian Panimo has just introduced the liver-busting 1,000-pack of their Keisari (Kaiser or Emperor) lager beer.

As cited, the honchos at Nokian Panimo claim the thousand-pack isn’t just some slick gimmick, or as the brewery specifically stated, “not a joke,” but a legitimate counter-punch to rival brewery Karjala, who recently started marketing their own 100-pack for commercial sale.

With a singular 1,000-case going for €2,149 (Euros), that comes to $2,346 American, or roughly $2 per can.

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While IPAs (India Pale Ale) in all the rage here in the States, Nokian Panimo not only produces beer, cider, mineral water and soft drinks, it also markets something called Keisari 66 American Pale Ale. Or as any Bavarian worth his hops will tell you, any beer with “American” in its brand name is just code for “put it back in the horse.”



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