Fentanyl, Opioids in the Drinking Water in California. That May Explain a Few Things.

Animals acting 'weird.'

California, or as we call it, Commiefornia, has levels of Fentanyl and Opioids in its drinking water supply. And it has for some years now, according to the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.  The report was released in 2022, but apparently the government in California ignored it. It’s causing the animals in the state to “act weird.” Well, the people already act weird, so I guess it follows that the animals would be weird as well.

Apparently, people are testing their cocaine for fentanyl, and if they get a positive result, they flush it down the toilet. This brilliance is not surprising, considering California has millions of people who use drugs. Estimates are that 8% of their population, or 2.7 million people have a substance use disorder.

Opioid pain medications like Percocet, OxyContin, Vicodin, and fentanyl are some of the most heavily abused drugs throughout the entire country, and California is not excluded. Approximately 8% of Californians abuse opioid pain medications. An addiction to opioid pain medications can get severe very quickly, as it can take only a matter of days for a dependence to develop. Abusing too many opioids or continuing use for a prolonged period of time can lead to an early death caused by an overdose or other physical health complication (such as respiratory failure)…

Cocaine is an illicit drug that produces a stimulant effect. People who abuse this drug are drawn to it because of the rush of energy and enthusiasm it produces. Like many other parts of the country, certain areas of California are fast-paced, such as Hollywood and the surrounding areas. Trying to keep up with a pace of this speed can increase a person’s likelihood of turning to cocaine for that extra boost of energy. Like marijuana, cocaine is also heavily trafficked into the state from Mexico, making it readily available for use. Cocaine is the third most abused drug in California, with 7.2% of the population hooked on it.  CBH- California Behavioral Health

Apparently no one told people not to flush their drugs down the toilet. Or the lack of brain power is so bad that now the animals are also suffering.

In a recent episode of Joe Rogen, comedian Whitney Cummings recounted that a racoon in her backyard was acting weird. When she attempted to report it to authorities, she got nowhere fast. Her words were quite humorous, and while she is a comedian and used it to poke fun at California for having fentanyl in the drinking water, it is actually a concerning situation.

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“Well, a lot of the wild animals in California are acting really weird right now because people are testing their cocaine for fentanyl. And if it tests positive, they flush it down the toilet. So there’s fentanyl in the water, so the coyotes and raccoons are acting really weird.” Animal Control Dispatcher

California has numerous encounters with wildlife of various kinds every year – from cougars to bears, coyotes, racoons to smaller critters like mice and snakes, or even birds. That’s not counting domestic animals like dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, etc. Then there’s the humans that we already knew were a tad off the beam. And if they truly are flushing fentanyl down the toilet, they are endangering an entire population of more than just your average racoon. And frankly, encountering any animal that was high on fentanyl is scary.

We’ve often wondered jokingly if the California craziness was “in the water.”  This isn’t funny anymore.



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